We wanted to go the extra mile to get our sports and outdoors brands in front of some sporting goods retailers and play a bit of matchmaker. We were lucky to chat with Sports Excellence, LandonSea and Longboard Living about the brands participating in Sports & Outdoors Week and we received retailer feedback on some of the amazing products in Hubba.


Take a look below to see what each sporting goods retailer had to say about our standout brands.


Sports Excellence

Connect with Sports Excellence


Sports Excellence


Established in 1950, Sports Excellence is a member-owned buying group providing services to over 150 members – dealers and associate buying members across Canada and the United-States. Sports Excellence members are family-owned independent retailers who offer hockey, winter sports, cycling, team sports, clothing and footwear.


See below for what Sports Excellence had to say about their favourite brand’s products from Sports & Outdoors Week!


WindPaddle – View products 

WindPaddle Adventure Sail is a truly innovative and versatile product.


Kelly Kettle – View products

Kelly Kettle makes a filtered water bottle that is the perfect blend of form and function.


Lockstraps – View products

Lockstraps is an extremely useful tool which fills a marketplace void.


Otium Outdoors – View products

The Otium SoftRack is a fantastic product that meets a consumer need with a unique field dominated by two main suppliers.




Connect with LandonSea


LandonSea Sporting Retailers


LandonSea is your source for all things fun on the water.  This retailer rents top-of-the-line Paddleboards, watersports gear and offer lessons and tours.


LandonSea has an environmental responsibility effort which is called The LandonSea Cleanup Project. The team behind LandonSea enjoys playing on lakes, rivers, beaches and the ocean so much that they want to preserve and nurture them for future generations to enjoy. Take a look below to see what LandonSea had to say about their top picks from Sports & Outdoors week.


Yardies – View products

My favourite hands down so far is Yardies’ Polish horse shoes. I love, love this product and want to be the exclusive distributor in North and South Carolina.


Docks Locks – View products

We definitely want to carry these products!


WindPaddle – View products 

We love this!  Especially if we can have one customized for paddle boarding.


Lo Swim – View products

This could be a perfect fit for our retail store especially since the biggest Triathlon in the area takes place across the street from us!


Flying Fisherman – View products

We want to be the exclusive distributor in North and South Carolina. This is an awesome product.



Longboard Living

Connect with Longboard Living


Longboard Living


Longboard Living is a boutique shop in the heart of Toronto’s Kensington Market dedicated to the urban rider. They are a store front and online shop that caters to all rider levels. Longboard Living carries a wide range of choice brand products to choose from. Carrying everything from decks to clothing, this retailer has an extended list of top of the line gear. Take a look below at Longboard Living’s top picks from our roster of brands involved in Sports & Outdoors Week.


Surf-fur – View products

Surf-fur is hitting a very small but important niche in surfer lifestyle. The water is not always warm and the sky is not always sunny. Surfers put demands on their bodies and need to stay warm!


Docks Locks – View products

Docks Locks have identified a security issue with a fast growing board sport. Expensive boards are not safe to leave around any marina or club. This Stand up Paddle specific lock system will give riders peace of mind knowing their favourite board is safe and secure.


Outdoor Tech – View products

The Turtle Shell by Outdoor Tech is a unique shape speaker that comes in lots of fun colours. The speaker is built to last with a rugged looking design and super portable. It’s appropriate for any adventure.


Brunton – View products

Brunton’s line of portable power packs are a great way to stay charged up on the go.  Today we are so dependent on our devices and this product line looks like the answer.


Skout Organic – View products

Organic eating is not just a trend but a lifestyle being adopted by the masses. People appreciate the benefits of eating nutrient dense food and Skout has created a product line of awesome looking flavour combinations. Eating healthy can taste good too!



Thank you so much for Sports Excellence, LandonSea and Longboard Living for sharing your top picks from Sports & Outdoors Week. We can’t wait to connect you to all the brands you highlighted!


Are you a sports brand looking to connect with retailers and be involved in our next Sports & Outdoors Week?