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Have you ever scanned a product or searched for more product information and had a terrible experience? No product description, no customer reviews, no videos. Bad, ugly, digital product information is something that shoppers are faced with when they are hunting for content. With smartphone shopping on the rise, the need for quality, curated data across all digital channels is mandatory.  This consumer quest for product information is one of the reasons behind the rise of shopping APIs.


What is an API?


An API is essentially a collection of functions offered by a platform for developers to use however they wish. Chances are, you’ve interacted with an API in one way or another. The goal of creating an API is simplicity: What functionality do we have that others can benefit from? What is the bare minimum we need from them in order to make it work to work? If we need more at certain times, how do we scale it so it makes sense?

Let’s take Facebook for example:

The easiest example of an API function that Facebook offers would be the “Like” button which we see on many websites. Website’s can add a piece of code to that allows a user to like something and have that activity post back directly to their Facebook profile even though they are not presently on Facebook.

APIs are meant to help other platforms accomplish tasks through technology that they would otherwise have to develop on their own. While it is never guaranteed, APIs for services can often help promote a company’s growth in addition to the company using it which is, of course, mutually beneficial.

Hubba’s API allows third party app developers to enhance their data and make their product information more media rich and accurate. We are firm believers that better data leads to more informed consumers. Are you a developer who wants to perform a function that’s on our platform through an automated channel? You can integrate our functionality into your own platform or application. We have been blown away by the unique things people can do with rich product information and it is so exciting to know that there are a million different ways that we haven’t even thought about yet. We have all kinds of ways for you to use key functions of our platform to help you succeed. You win – we win!


The Rise of Shopping APIs