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“You’ve gone to the dark side” is a term I’ve heard a lot in the last couple of years.  It’s a reference to my unorthodox move from vendor side, sales & marketing to the retailer side as a buyer at Target. Now, I’ve picked a new side. It’s a left turn from the industry – I’ve gone from dark side to dark side (depending on which side you’re on) and headed away from both vendor and retailer to work with a startup. I’m excited to join the amazing team at Hubba. We have audacious goals and we plan to make the flow of information easier from partner to partner.


Some of you may have the same itch to pry yourself away from your corporate job and work for a startup so I thought I would share my reasoning behind why I decided to take the plunge and go after this great opportunity to work with a startup.


Target was an amazing adventure. As the buyer on the over-the-counter desk, I had to select products and build planograms from scratch, while making sure that I stayed in the confines of Health Canada and the College of Pharmacists. Without extraordinary partnership of the vendor community, I would have never been able to accomplish it. For those of you that were on the journey, it could’ve been easier right? The answer is yes! A lot easier. As a group, we realized that sharing good data is critical. We also realized how insanely difficult it was to manage a good flow of data. At Hubba, we aim to fix this issue.


I’m proud to be able to say that I helped to open 124 stores in one year. That in itself is crazy. Think of how long it took you to move to your last home. I’m also proud that we started selling based a regimen that Mom would understand. It’s a chance to sell stuff that actually makes sense to be together.


All things change, and I realized that I loved building things that fix real world problems. I wanted to play a part in shifting the way information is managed and shared. This is why I gravitated towards Hubba. Hubba has its headquarters in the MaRS building which is an beautiful space in the heart of Toronto and is designed for innovation. The new startup office layout is both amazing and frightening to me at the same time. Coming from cubicles and siloed offices, I am now part of one team, in one big open concept office.


The reason I’m so excited, for those that know me, ideation and creation are the two things I love the most. I’m here to help the amazing Hubba team build something pretty cool and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and get involved. Keep your eye out for some exciting things to come from our team and feel free to get in touch with me. I’m always looking for people to chat with and discuss new ideas. You can reach me at pchang@hubba.com, or follow me on Twitter.