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There is no doubt that there has been loads of buzz around “social”. Social this, social that. Social ninjas and social media gurus are popping up everywhere. Despite the overplay of the word “social” itself, this relatively new forum is having a profound impact on the way people and organizations interact. The instantaneous sharing of information across a magnitude of channels has incredible benefits. If you haven’t already jumped on the social bandwagon (which would be very hard to believe), hop on my friends, we are in for a wild ride.


At Hubba, one of our core focuses is the spreading of rich and informative product information across all channels. We encourage communication across the enterprise and communication between enterprises and consumers in real time. We have concocted an infographic based on a McKinsey report that highlights the power of social technologies and how they add business value. We hope you enjoy it, feel free to share it!


The Power of Social Technologies