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It’s surprising but it’s true. Nearly every big brand and retailer wants to jump on board the omnichannel train, but what they may not realize that in order to do so they have to get their product information organized first. Wonder why? Because without having proper, comprehensive, accurate product information in place as a foundation you are powering your digital initiatives with sloppy product data.


Today’s online shopper visits an average of 10.4 sources for information before they make a purchase. Not only does that mean that shoppers are wanting to make informed decisions but it also means leaves a lot of room for product information errors. It’s no wonder this is the case, for brands and retailers managing product information data and digital assets is not only a headache, but a never-ending one.


We created our latest infographic to showcase the power of comprehensive product information and how it can affect omnichannel retail and commerce. Feel free to share it and leave any questions in the comments below!



Omnichannel Retail Inforgraphic


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