I never thought of Hubba as a way to discover new brands and products, but boy was I wrong. Since the launch of our network, I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many incredible people and so many products. I think it’s only fair that we start shining a light on some of the awesome brands that we discover in Hubba. This post is a first in what will be a reoccurring series titled: Hubba’s Feature Brand of the Month.



Matter Company - Philosophy

Image credit: Matter Company

Introducing Matter Company


Matter Company has a sound philosophy behind how and why they create their products. It revolves around recognizing the relationship between our physical well-being and the environment.


Matter Company harnesses the medicinal power of herbs and has experience in growing, crafting and formulating herbal preparations.


The company was founded by Denise, a certified Therapeutic Herbalist who started off growing Chamomile, Calendula and St. Johns Wort out of her basement in Toronto. How awesome is that?


Matter Company only uses herbs that are native to North America and Europe and places a huge emphasis on the importance of herbs working synergistically to enhance the body’s vitality. And of course, Matter Company’s products smell absolutely beautiful as they infuse a blend of essential oils which adds the benefits of aromatherapy.


Matter Company Facts We Love:

Matter Company Outdoors Hand Cream

Image credit: Matter Company

• They use only high quality oils, plant extracts, herbs and pure beeswax for their products.
• Their products do not contain parabens, mineral oil, petroleum bases, phyllates, or artificial colouring.
• They use pure essential oils, and stay away from harsh perfumes.
• They do not use animal based ingredients and do not test their products on animals.
• They slow cook their herbal oils in a water bath to gently extract the delicate properties of the plants.
• They use only recyclable plastic and metal packaging.
• They respect and consider our environmental impact in all aspects of their business practice.



How Matter Company Makes the Most out of Hubba


With such rich and detailed product profiles, Matter Company really shines on Hubba. They provide their retailers and distributors with all the product information they could ever need in order to properly list, sell and market their products online and in-store.


Their Hubba profiles are equipped with high-res images, a beautiful cover photo, detailed product benefits and more. Take a look at their profile page below for their Mineral Soak!



Matter Company Hubba Profile




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