As a tech founder, I tend to get these gut feelings. Not typical intuition or instinct but visceral, obsessive compulsions. I had this feeling 4 years ago, when I decided to leave the last company I helped build, so I could start Hubba. The world of commerce was changing and I knew we would be a catalyst. I was passionate. I believed. Unfortunately, not many other people did.


Luckily, I found a great group of people who believed in me. They helped me build this vision. They stuck with it. Now, everything is coming together better than I had imagined.


The market has matured and we are right at the top, leading the way. I think a lot about what it means to lead, personally and as a business. It generally comes down to making key decisions about our team and making sure our product is the best it can be at all times.


Today, I get to ensure both team and product are in great hands by welcoming the first Chief Product Officer to Hubba, Johnathan Nightingale.


Most recently, Johnathan was the General Manager for Firefox at Mozilla. During his time at Mozilla, he helped build, scale and ultimately oversee their flagship product. There are very few people that have overseen a product with 450,000,000 users.


That experience is extremely helpful as we continue to scale up Hubba, but it is not why I knew he was the right person for us.


We have built something pretty special here at Hubba. We are all protectors and keepers of this ‘special’. From the moment we met, I knew Johnathan was our kind of special.  He is wickedly sharp but surprisingly modest. He is one of the brightest people I know but he a perpetual student. He has incredibly insightful things to say but he is one of the most astute listeners I know.  He can be incredibly strategic but he is also the first one on the battlefield and in the trenches.


These types of people are hard to find. Johnathan is one of them. He is one of us.


As, Chief Product Officer, Johnathan will be responsible for all things related to our products. That means all product management, design, engineering, dev ops and anything else that involves building and putting something out for the world to enjoy.


Johnathan is the last member to fill out the executive team for our next stage of growth. He will join myself, Howard Lis (our Chief Operating Officer) and Christopher Jordan (our Chief Business Development Officer).


Johnathan is one of the top product people in the world. He could have gone anywhere. He chose us.


I am very grateful for that.


I am proud to introduce Johnathan Nightingale to our amazing community. Feel free to reach out to Johnathan on Twitter and give him a warm Hubba welcome.


Welcome, Johnathan!