To say that 2014 has been a heck of a year for Hubba would be the understatement of the last 12 months. Although I am extremely grateful that you have decided to take the time to read this recap, this post is really meant to say thank you to the amazing, inspiring and hard working team that we have here at Hubba.


There was a famous Microsoft interview question that asked “How would you move Mt. Fuji?” In 2014, the Hubba team demonstrated that they would do so by picking up the entire island on Honshu on their backs.


Hubba Office

We have a saying written on the wall of our office “aut viam invenium aut faciam”. It translates to “We will either find a way or we will make one”. The team certainly demonstrated this time and time again when faced with obstacles. The concept of figuring out your way around a challenge or eventually just plowing through it permeates throughout each member of the team. That resulted in some amazing milestones in the course of our business.


We Doubled  Our Team

And by double, I mean almost triple. We have brought on unbelievable people to support us in Sales, Marketing, Growth, Operations and Development. Everyone is unique and has their own special traits, but everyone is in complete lockstep when it comes to an overwhelming desire to build an important and winning company.


We Raised a Seed Round

We are fortunate to have raised a $3.1M Seed round from some incredible investors. All of them have been huge believers and supporters of our vision and our people.


We Launched our Freemium Model

We launched a new bottom-up approach to compliment our top-down business model. This has been unbelievably successful in helping us grow fast and take over the market.


We Brought on Our First 500 Companies

We brought on 500 companies within our first 90 days of launching our freemium model and product. We are currently on a pace that doubles that amazing growth.

More Awards

We aren’t huge on the whole award thing but it was definitely nice to win Deloitte’s National Fast 50 Companies-T0-Watch award.  This honour goes nicely with our Top 3 Startups (KPMG), Top 20 Most Innovative (Canadian Innovation Exchange), Top 25 Up and Coming ICT Companies (Branham Group).


2015 looks even more promising. Here are some things to look forward to:


We’re Getting 10x More Companies on Our Network

We are focused on owning this market. We are doing that by completely infiltrating specific verticals and creating an unfair advantage to lock out competition.

We’re Enhancing Our Skills 

We are doing some great things. We can use great people to help us achieve them. As we continue to grow, we will be complimenting our team with key hires. For us, it isn’t the size of the team that demonstrates success but we do know that it is the pure brain power around the table that will help us win.


We’re Adding More Funding Fuel

Although we have more than enough funding, we have learned a lot since our launch. More than anything, we have absolutely nailed several aspects of our business. We will not be actively looking for a while but several key opportunities have presented themselves. If we determine that they would be a great partner to amplify our growth, we will be sure to take advantage of that.


All of these are simply milestones. The overarching goal is to build the world’s most dominant data company for the next generation of commerce. We are well on our way.


Thanks for all of the support you have provided to us. There is nothing better than to have our users, partners, startup colleagues, friends and family cheering us on.


From all of us here at Hubba, we wish you all the best for the holidays. Stay tuned for some more amazing things from Hubba in 2015.


Happy holidays,