Hubba CEO Ben Zifkin’s interview with Rick Mathieson can be heard here:

Below is an excerpt from the GenWow website.

“I’m excited about new video from Hubba, which comes on the heels of the Toronto-based startup finishing up its beta.

Imagine a single dashboard that lets you post, say, a promo that hits consumers exactly when, where and how you want it to, based on their location, CRM data and the device they happen to be using. A dashboard where you can manage your mobile, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Foursquare, retail partner promotions and any number of other channels all at once.

It could very well be the holy grail of marketing for brands, retailers and agencies. Or at the very least it could live up to it’s name (as in hubba-hubba).

In a follow-up to an interview last fall with CEO Ben Zifkin, we hear the latest on this amazing new solution – and what it can do for everyone looking for the ultimate marketing command center.”

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