These past few months have been really exciting at Hubba. We are overdue for an update, and now that some of the dust has settled we are thrilled to share some exciting news. We have a new home!  MaRS Discovery District has welcomed us with open arms and we have set up our new office in the MaRS Heritage Building and we could not be happier.  MaRS is a vibrant innovation hub in Toronto and we can’t wait to thrive off the energy and learn from all the talented entrepreneurs and individuals who work and pass through MaRS on a daily basis.  We are also looking forward to getting creative and crafty with our new officemates – the wonderful team members of Etsy Canada.


In other news, we are proud to say that two brilliant gentlemen have joined our team. We could not be more thrilled to officially welcome David Misshula and Christopher Jordan to the Hubba team.


David Misshula


David Misshula

David is our newly appointed Head of Development at Hubba. He holds a computer science degree from University of Victoria. He learned from the best in the corporate ranks at IBM only to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. Before joining the Hubba team, he was a part of a successful startup acquisition in Toronto. David brings a passion for high-quality products and an endless pursuit of unattainable perfection. After getting into some in-depth conversations with David in the office we can attest to the fact that if you share your passions with him you’ll be on an adventure to pursue your dreams whether you like it or not.



Christopher JordanChristopher Jordan

Chris is the Head of Business Development at Hubba. He has had a lifelong passion for technology – writing his first piece of code at 10 and working his first corporate research and development job at age 16.  After graduating from the University of Waterloo in Mathematics and studying Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University, Chris moved over from development to the dark side.  Starting off as a junior sales rep at BlackBerry, he progressed through sales and management roles eventually leading the Specialty Software division of the company. We are lucky to have such a go-getter like Chris as our new Head of Business Development and have already been bombarded with unnecessary swag from Blackberry.


We have a few more tidbits of exciting news to share in the near future, so stay tuned!