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When I shop online I am hungry for information. No, I’m starving. I cringe when I come across a product page that is lacklustre and doesn’t give me the information I need in order to make an informed purchase. Information sells, there’s no two ways about it.


We know it’s tough for brands in today’s digital age. With the boom of ecommerce, it’s next to impossible for brands to relay all the necessary product information to their 100’s or 1000’s of retailers.


Not to mention how hard it is for a retailer to promptly update their product listings when, heaven forbid, a brand changes something about their product. It’s no wonder companies are nearly doubling their spend on ecommerce technology.


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Maybe it’s time to take a step back, reconsider your product pages and how you could revamp them to start turning your ‘window’ shoppers into buyers.  Here are a few examples of how you can nail your ecommerce product pages and start converting your online shoppers.


 Write product descriptions like a boss


I love finding products online where the brand has turned the product description into a full blown story. Try to come up with a narrative for your product. Add some personality, make it silly, see what works. L.L Bean is notorious for this. The copywriters at L.L Bean turn some of their products into their own marketing campaign.


When it comes to writing descriptions that are catchy, don’t forget about the benefits and remember to ask yourself ‘why this product’? Why should someone buy this specific item, what makes it unique? Drill down! I can’t get enough of J. Peterman’s copy for this Gladstone Bag. ‘Heirloom. You don’t have one? Try looking in the attic first.’


J.Peterman ecommerce product page



Include multiple angled product shots and high-res images


Hasbeen ecommerce product pageDid you know that larger visuals actually increase ecommerce sales? Product images are so important on a product page, high-res preferably and as many as possible. Try loading product images with all different angles too.


Don’t be shy and include images that are zoomed in on details as well. Swedish shoemaker brand Hasbeens does a fantastic job of adding super hi-res images as well as the option to mouse over different shoe colours and auto re-loads that shoe product image.


Add videos and social sharing buttons to your product pages


Asos ecommerce product pageAsos really nails it with their ‘view catwalk’ videos. It allows the shopper to see what the garment looks like in real life. Zappos also uses videos, and they found that it increased their sales by between 6% and 30% for items that included product demo videos.


Not only do they have rich video content for their product pages, but they also have specific social sharing buttons like the ability to post to Wanelo. Why not let your shopper share their most coveted items with their own network?


Highlight what makes your product special


Biosteel, who is one of our awesome Hubba brands, does a standout job at highlighting what makes their sports drink unique.  On the product page for their High Performance Sports Drink, they outline the importance of Amino Acids and electrolytes and what effect they have on your body.


Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of what they ingest, so giving all the necessary information up front is key to converting your savvy shoppers. Being that type of consumer myself, I appreciate that Biosteel adds their nutritional information on their product page so that I can see there is only 9 ingredients (all of which I can pronounce).


Biosteel ecommerce product page


When in doubt, throw in a bit of a deal


If you scroll any product page from Greats, you will see a ton of best practices for what to include on an ecommerce product page. They kill it. Not only do they have such a visually appealing page, they incorporate tons of white space, beautiful font types, loads of images and they also  have a few sneaky deals on their pages. I love the banner floating on the right hand side for a credit. They also have a ‘bundle special’ on their shoes!


Greats Royale Chukka ecommerce



Have you come across some awesome ecommerce product pages that make you want to click add to cart? Clearly there is a huge demand for product page content and first impressions matter. Shoppers are hungry so why not feed them? We want to help arm your retailers with the best product content possible.  We help brands store and share their awesome product content so that retailers are well equipped to properly market and sell products. Want to learn more about how Hubba can help you share product information?


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