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Our CEO has often coined Hubba as “boring” because it seemingly tackles a problem that isn’t “sexy”. Ben Zifkin may be speaking some old-school, enterprise gibberish – because in reality, Hubba can be, should be (and now is) sexy.


It’s no secret that enterprise applications are beastly, inherently sluggish, and tend to look, shall we say, “dated”. But, most people put up with enterprise apps because it does a very important job. What makes Hubba great is that we strive to create a product as reliable and impactful as most enterprise applications but also add a bit of the new-school technology touch. It is why we spent time redesigning a new Hubba.com to truly reflect what we believe. This is what we learned.


The problem we solve isn’t boring.

Hubba solves a problem that brand managers, marketers and retailers have. Funny enough, they may not even recognize that they have this problem. If people use our system then we make their community more connected and make them more in-tune with the important business relationships around them. Integrating a system that you know will impact many businesses is attracting to investors and is exciting to work on. Not exactly what I would call boring, is it?


Why was it so hard to explain what we do?

Hubba typically starts off with a question about gum, and then you are usually left with your mouth hanging open pronouncing the “ah”. Before the new Hubba.com, we were not leveraging the things that came naturally to our team – the ability to attract, arouse and convey thought through the web. We tried to create a homepage that people could go to and understand exactly what we do. If they didn’t understand within the first few seconds, hopefully they would hang around because it was simply “nice to be there”. As a result, we tried to explain a simple idea and a problem in it’s most simplest form.


Each of our employees truly creates Hubba.

It is amazing to work in a team where everyone has a say on what they believe is best. Each person in our company had a direct say on how they wanted to convey Hubba.com. Inherently, Sales, Marketing and Development teams don’t always agree on what the message should be – so, we danced with the ideas that made the most sense to show on our homepage. It was the integration of ideas from different thought that made for a great leap forward in our web presence.


What does this mean moving forward?

Being a newer team member of Hubba, I was exposed to how our team can perform tasks with each other. It’s awesome to see how people handle responsibility with a sort of grace that moves the entire team and product with them. It is a spirit of perfection that floats around in the office where things need to be as tight as they can all the time. Whenever we build something, it is not a “good enough” attitude – but rather, our team asks the important questions: “Is this the best way to to do this?”, “Can we make it better, faster, simpler?”, and most importantly, “Are you proud of this?”.


It is the teamwork within Hubba that makes us accomplish team, personal and business goals. The new Hubba.com is a symbol of amazing things to come.