If you work in brand and retail, you know it isn’t easy trying to deal with today’s demand for content. Simply put, managing product information sucks. There’s a massive amount of information that gets passed between brand marketers, sales and account teams, marketing departments and retailers. Maintaining product consistency internally is one thing but now brands have to maintain it across an ever-increasing number of departments and channels.


Right now, sharing product content is a nightmare. Your coworkers need it, your agency sends you content, you send it to your retailers, back to your coworkers, back to your agency, then to regulation and so on and so forth.


And where does all this product information live? Some of it sits on a local computer, some in ERP systems, some with agencies, most in Excel, SharePoint, in emails, on Dropbox, you name it. There is no centralized repository, content is scattered across multiple platforms.  With so many people making changes to product content in different systems, inevitably things fall through the cracks. Version control gets thrown out the window with different people ending up with different versions. It feels like an organized state of chaos.


At Hubba, we hear these kinds of stories day in and day out.


[tweet_this] Brands and retailers are fed up with trying to manage content for omnichannel commerce.[/tweet_this]


The demand for product information is growing but the platforms that manage it are insufficient. We decided to poke a little fun at what a brand marketer goes through on a day to day basis and would like you to sit back and enjoy our debut as creative directors: A Day in the Life of a Brand Marketer.





If you feel Jennifer’s pain and have similar struggles, we’re here to help.  Leave us your content horror stories in the comments below!



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