Are you spending your time sending or are you selling?


I have been fortunate to have a ring-side seat to watch our user base flourish and grow. I couldn’t be more excited for how the industry is starting to transition the way they manage and share brand files and content. The retail landscape has dramatically shifted  in-store and, with the explosion of eCommerce, we are finding there is a huge product content sharing problem starting to paralyze brands.


Because of this, we have been laser-focused on helping brands stop spending their time sending product information to retailers and distributors and start spending more time selling their products.


Hubba breaks the paradigm of emails and attachments




Hubba now has a client base of all shapes and sizes. We have small one man/two person teams that are trying to make it big, and large companies who sell millions of products a year. We have some light-touch accounts where customers only need to share their brand assets with just a few people. But, we also have brokers and distributors that are struggling to manage product information for hundreds of brands.


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I find it a real privilege to help small teams become more efficient and more productive. To be able to share in someone’s dream of growing a brand is something really special.


It is amazing to watch someone’s product data work for them. Brands are loading their data, sharing their data and making connections. Once they make connections, that is when our users see the power of Hubba.


Once you make a connection, that person can see all of your products and your data. How many times have you shared your case packs? How many times do you have to confirm the height, width, and length? Now you share it once and it’s always there for your retail partners.


Brands, distributors and retailers no longer have to be constantly resounding  all that information back and forth anymore. All of that get’s replaced with a simple phrase “My product information is in Hubba”.  And for Hubba users who are receiving content from brands and vendors, the question is reversed – “Is your product information in Hubba?”



Is your product information in Hubba? Stop sending and start sharing.



How hard do you work to represent your brand? How frustrated do you get when your retail partners fail to match your efforts?


Regardless of product catalog size, SKU assortment or distribution model, I’ve heard two key themes run true with almost every vendor and retailer I talk to. It’s funny how a huge brand has the same issues as a mom and pop size brand.


Day in and day out I hear: ”My product data is not connected”, as in all of the brand’s product specs, images, videos, marketing assets exist in different systems, FTP’s, file-sharing sites or on local computers. Every request for a product image or asset is an ad hoc hunt and gather of information to create the single use document for that specific request. In other words, people are spending too much time searching for what they need to fulfill one lonely request.



Stop sending the same files in a different format. Share it once and let all your retail partners take what they want.



“I keep sending the same thing in different formats” (for example a high res image in a PDF, video file in .mp3 etc). Everybody needs it, but everyone needs it in a different layout, template or format. Brands and retailers are spending too much time reformatting, resizing and resending the same information over and over again.


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One of our vendor partners at Unilever said, “Hubba seemed to be a very natural fit for us because its platform really is designed with the marketer at heart. Not only is the tool incredibly user-friendly but the initial on-boarding and uploading of content was incredibly quick and painless.” We have seen Unilever’s product profiles grow from the simple product specs that make your business run like dimensions and customer numbers into a one stop shop for recipes, high resolution images, and any video that enhances the retailer’s ability to sell their products.


At Hubba, we’ve been able to help brands and retailers solve these two key issues and many more. Hubba keeps all your information and brand assets in one place in the cloud and allows people who count on that data to quickly find it whenever they need it.


If you  struggle with any of the issues above, get in touch with us. We can help! We’ve had a lot of fun helping our customers solve some of their biggest pain-points and we’re thrilled to watch them stop sending and start selling again.

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