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We scoff at them daily – the brands who just can’t get content right. Or at least, I scoff at them daily. I don’t think we are at a point where I need to give a ‘How to do Social 101’ lesson to anyone here but sometimes I come across brands who really miss the mark. They simply don’t understand the medium that they are working with and how to optimize it. Nothing pleases me more than seeing a brand provide their audience with something of true value. I’m talking real value, not 5% off your next purchase of $150 or more value.


Typically, brands are under the impression that their fans or followers are hanging on to their every word to ‘build a relationship’. This is all sorts of wrong. I hate to say it but I don’t want a relationship with Jiffy peanut butter. I don’t want Jiffy calling me to ask how my Friday morning is going or whether or not I like jam better or peanut butter.  The number one reason why people follow brands on social media is for a discount or reward.


[tweet_this] There is consumer hunger for brand interaction, but brands have to make sure they are feeding their consumers the right snack. [/tweet_this]


I get it though, not everyone can be super out there with their content. Content marketing is hard work. But this is a formal plea; please, please stop posting content like this. A brand’s attempt to garner Facebook likes off a terrible cat meme and pun is the opposite of purrfect. (See how cringing that is?) But never fear, there are brands out there who are awesome at content marketing. They recognize the difference in every social channel and form a different strategy for all of them. Here are a few brands who are highly engaged with their audience, put thought into their content and make it of value to their followers.

1.  Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal, an e-commerce fashion website,  kills it on Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, you name it. They have all their bases covered and they cover them well. Not only do they entice people to LIKE their page by giving away awesome incentives but they also frequently post albums that showcase their latest collections on their site. In addition, they post about offline events for their members such as dinners in New York and new clothing line launches.





ESPN is a brand that nails the ratio of posting about themselves, about their fans, and about industry related news. They have mastered their voice and adds just the right dash of humour into their posts. Heck, their Twitter bio is “We talk about sports, sports and well….sports.”


I also love that ESPN puts their fans in the spotlight by either retweeting their content or embarrassing them via video.




3.  RedBull

RedBull’s content creation discipline is more than developing catchy slogans. They produce top quality video content. A marketing powerhouse, RedBull posts extreme videos that will blow your mind. They even repurpose content and shorten it up or remix it depending on the channel they are posting to.



4. Herschel Supply Co.

I may be an anomaly, but I don’t ‘Like’ very many brand pages on Facebook. But Herschel offers such a variety of content that I cant stay away from their page. Their visuals are stunning, they post their own playlists on SoundCloud and they giveaway bags all the time. What’s not to love?




Herschel has a new print publication called ‘The Journal’. A real, hard copy magazine and it’s complimentary.



5. Porter Airlines

Whenever I interact with Porter, regardless of the social channel, they are always speedy and helpful with their response. With their light hearted graphics, they convey a sense of positivity and humour throughout their messaging. Porter seems like a brand that truly cares about their passengers and it shows throughout their social efforts.



This hashtag is brilliant. Everyone has an embarrassing travel story and this is a great way to encourage sharing those anonymously.




These are just a few brands who are consistently providing entertaining, timely content that is valuable to their audience. Which other brands have you come across that impress you? Let us know in the comments below!