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Interbike is in full swing this week and there are a ton of noteworthy brands to know about. We hand picked the following 5 brands that we discovered on Hubba who attended the big show. The brands were chosen with consideration of innovative engineering, important ethical views and thoughtful solutions to enhance everyday experiences.


We selected a mix of bike brands that bring more awesomeness to the riding community, with water-resistant speakers, the super computer GPS, a device that cools you down,  awareness on the road and bikes to ride year-round.  Take a look!


Surly Bikes


Surly Bikes


First, we are very proud to represent a brand who knows the importance of speaking up when it comes to matters of integrity involving “sexy” marketing schemes.  Like Christina of  Surly  Bikes  mentioned in her brand’s most recent blog post, “Surly can stand on our own two wheels and don’t have to stoop to promoting our products on the backs of human bodies” to drive traffic at cycling events.


We fully agree. Surly’s wheels alone are worth the trip to Vegas to see what’s up in the all-season biking scene. If you want to beat traffic year-round in the North or ride the rocky mountains, you’re going to want to grab some treads here. Surly also has some hot new frames and accessories!



Outdoor Technology


Outdoor Technology - Speaker


The  Outdoor Tech team is always ahead of the game. They know what outdoor enthusiasts are craving and bring the most useful tech products to the market before we can even dream them up.  They have awesome water resistant speakers, wireless headphones, waterproof power banks and more.


Whether you’re hitting the beach, going camping or cruising around the city for the day,  we all know it’s more fun with music. Once you have it, you won’t  leave the house without your fully charged Turtle Shell 2.0 to blast tunes all day. Simply hook it up to bluetooth and attach the turtle claw extension to your handle bars. It’s loud, easy to control  and is ultra light on your bike.


All around, Outdoor Tech is innovative and transforms regular Outdoor activities into the ultimate experience.


Check out Outdoor Tech on Hubba







Imagine you’re riding your bike on a wicked hot day (think Las Vegas heat) and your water bottle is only half-full.  You still have 10k to go and stopping is not an option. All you can think of and hope for of is a sprinkler around the next corner.  Unfortunately it’s just a mirage when riding in the desert.


Finally, Spruzza Mist has made it to our handlebars. Attach the slick mechanism with the Spruzza water reservoir to your ride and you’re good for up to 1000 mists! According to the Spruzza team, it only takes one spray to drop your skin temperature. It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a difference.


Check out Spruzza on Hubba 







Lezyne is constantly innovating and coming out with new handy gadgets for your bike. Anywhere from their GPS devices, awesome LED lights, carbon fibre air pumps and beautifully engineered Professional shop tools. If you’re a do-it-yourself type or run a shop, this is your stop.


Our favourite Lezyne product is their Super GPS,  a powerful device that is readable in super sunny conditions and has a backlight for night rides. It maps your progress and stores up to 400 hours of data.


The super computer allows for synchronization with iOS/android devices, heart rate straps, power meters and speed/cadence sensors. It allows you to view notifications for incoming phone calls, texts, and emails on the large monitor to keep you up to date on long rides!


Check out Lezyne on Hubba




Delta Cycle


Delta Cycle


Last but not least, we chose to feature Delta Cycle for their simplistic and thoughtful product designs. The creators of these handy accessories are no rookies when it comes to riding in the city.


As safe- cycling enthusiasts at Hubba, we are so grateful Delta Cycle is getting noticed at Interbike for bringing their revolutionary idea to life. Airzone  is the world’s loudest bicycle horn, perfect for urban riding when you need to let traffic know you’re there. Be sure to check out Delta Cycle’s other awesome bike accessories such as iPhone/Tablet holders, bike hangers and more.


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Were there other awesome products you saw at Interbike? Let us know in the comments below!



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