The Uber-ification of Retail? Why Consumers are Loving App-Based Delivery Right Now

Uber is known around the world as an app-based alternative to hailing a cab. Recently, Uber expanded its portfolio and teamed up with sports retailer, Fanatics to begin delivering sports apparel to fans.

Uber + Fanatics

Uber and Fanatics are working together to deliver Major League Baseball hats and shirts to sports fans. Those with the Uber app, and a hankering for a Chicago Cubs World Series hat or shirt, can now select the CHAMP option in their Uber account and have the items delivered straight to their door for a fee of $28 per piece. Fanatics recently landed a contract with MLB to handle their sports accessories online, so the timing couldn’t be better.

Uber keeps branching out

Uber has been busy branching out past their initial business of car service and food delivery in many ways.

Some interesting partnerships to note:

  • Uber partnered up with Google to help voters get to the polls on U.S. Election Day. This partnership not only benefits Uber riders, but also Uber employees (drivers) by providing state-by-state voter registration information, and polling station information in addition to getting out there and voting.
  • Uber partnered with international hotel chain Starwood, which awards passengers hotel points for each ride they take.
  • Uber also partnered with credit card company Capital One, which gives Quicksilver cardholders 20% back on their rides.

Why it works

Uber continues to change and diversify its business. Having already disrupted the traditional model of car and taxi service, they continue to charter new territory with their partnerships and offerings. The launching of their own brand, UberEats, has been very successful. UberEats partners with popular restaurants in cities that do not offer delivery. Following the same model as a regular Uber drive, users log onto UberEats and scroll through the restaurants using the service. From the UberEats App, customers can order, then track the entire delivery process.

So far, all of the partnerships Uber has entered into works in favor of their consumer. With easy access to food, sports apparel, awards programs and even voting, what’s not to like?

Jill England

Jill England

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