Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Under Armour Team Up, Reveal New Activewear Line


Under Armour started with a guy, Kevin Plank, who started a brand working out of his grandmother’s basement until it eventually grew to be a billion dollar empire of the most sought after athletic gear on the planet. Now, cut to America’s favorite male lead (who was just voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and together, these two brands make a power couple. The brand was an instant hit with Johnson, who is known for promoting health and wellness to his 75.8 million followers on Instagram and 10.8 million followers on Twitter, making Under Armour a perfect fit. “We wanted to empower as many people as possible to attack their goals, so we partnered with the best innovators in the health and fitness business. Together with Under Armour, we will deliver game changing products to help people get after it and chase greatness,” said Johnson.

The industry should take notice as this partnership goes past “creating clothes” together – it’s a whole movement.

How This Partnership Differs

What makes this partnership different than most celebrity endorsements? Rather than just slapping his name on a line of clothing he may (or may not) have inspired, Johnson has taken a hands-on approach to the innovation and design of the product. Each piece is created in conjunction with Johnson’s lifestyle, his input and influences, and, on occasion, movies he may be working on at the time. Brahma Bull is the official logo (Brahma comes from Hindu meaning the supreme existence or absolute reality) of #ProjectRock and each word, saying, and image found in the line come from Johnson himself.

For their part, Under Armour brings their apparel technology to help create the line. Along with the design and manufacturing, Under Amour has involved Johnson on their Connected Fitness platforms, including the Under Armour HealthBox (which includes a fitness band, heart rate monitor, scale, and more to track overall health and fitness goals) and the Record app (a mobile app that connects with the HealthBox products). Viewers can follow Johnson on the Record app, where they are able to watch his workouts and get exclusive training tips and content. There is also a charity arm to this partnership: Johnson is part of Under Armour’s “UA Freedom” philanthropic initiative, which inspires, honors, and supports members of the United States Military, first responders and public safety officials.


There are things that can be taken away from this powerful and international partnership. Most notably is how much of an integral part Johnson has in the making of this product line. It’s not just a matter of seeing his name and logo on these items – both parties have a vested interest.  As a brand, when working with influencers or celebrities, aim to create a full partnership that benefits you both. Johnson and Under Armour are joining with a specific goal in mind – with that mission statement, they are creating platforms to reach, connect, and inspire their customers and future customers. Any brand can do this as long as both parties have aligned goals.

Jill England

Jill England

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