How Ice Cream Companies Survive Winter


If you’re lucky, you run a business that has demand and sales all year round. While there are always peak periods like Back-to-School, Christmas and Black Friday, for the most part you have a steady stream of business that you can push and pull go faster.

Some brands don’t have that luxury. Lots of seasonal businesses have to earn their living in short spurts and spend the rest of the time preparing for their busy season. How do folks that sell ice cream, snowboards, and baseball equipment survive? How do they balance the demand of the seasons?


Create occasions for more consumption

One genius way of selling your product in the off-season is by creating an event around it. Like this industry giant who managed to turn one day into a huge media blitz based on one simple fact: Everyone loves Slurpees.

Make small adjustments to your product

Another great way to still make ends meet involves creating a new product out of your original. The golden child of product adaptation? Ice cream cake. Thanks to the desert masterminds who realized ice cream is good in literally any form, places like Dairy Queen can stretch out the season by reshaping their product and marketing it to a different crowd – hungry ten-year-olds with winter birthdays.

Make your season bigger

Utilize key tools that help hype your biz up for the ‘on’ season. Don’t let people forget you while you’re hibernating – use social media to create buzz with clever campaigns and chat with your loyal customers. You can also use it as an information channel, letting people know where you’ll be moment your season hits. (Social media still a mystery to you? Grab a seat for my upcoming webinar on Snapchat).

Hire an external sales force to maximize opportunity

While ice cream sales can be extended by association with new events and iterations, it’s pretty difficult to sell a snowboard when it’s sunny and hot. Having an ‘off-season’ gives you the advantage of stepping back and evaluating your selling strategies. Make a plan! Be sure you don’t miss any opportunities during your selling season by hiring an external sales team. Have more eyes than just yours on pre-planned opportunity.
Seasonal businesses certainly face its challenges, and while it seems daunting, most folks who work in those industries wouldn’t have it any other way. A new season brings energy and adds excitement that regular all-year-round businesses lack.