Product Spotlight: Pro Athletes Swear by Tiger Tail

The idea for Tiger Tail came after Inventor and Founder Spring Faussett, an avid athlete, tore her ACL. Her therapist recommended a foam roller or rolling pin to hopefully reduce the pain and heal the scar tissue, however it proved fruitless. An ‘aha’ moment later, Tiger Tail was born. The perfect tool to help melt the pain away, the classic Tiger Tail is a foam roller/rolling pin hybrid that features easy-to-grip handles sandwiching a piece of foam that spins and glides smoothly over muscles. Because it’s handheld, users are able to control the product and its direction at all times. While it’s a staple in training rooms of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS, Tiger Tail makes effective massage tools for athletes and consumers of all levels and types.

After successfully selling out at countless trade shows, Spring wanted to take Tiger Tail to the next level. Like many entrepreneurs, she knew she needed influencers on her team. However, working with pro athletes and celebrities can be quite expensive (and sometimes inaccessible on a craft brand budget), but as the saying goes, it’s about who you know. In this case, it was about who the athletes knew. “My favorite way to get into the hands of athletes is to work with the people who work with the athlete […] that’s the community that’s interacting with the athletes already.

“How we got into the hands of these top names around the word is through affiliation and partnership with the companies and the people who do business with the athletes.” Watch the video above to learn more about Spring’s savvy approach to building the Tiger Tail brand!

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Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet