Product Spotlight: Phoenix Bats Consistently Knocks it Out of the Park


Founded in the mid 90’s by Charley “Lefty” Trudeau, Phoenix Bats has an incredibly rich history. Over the years, the specialized wooden-bat creator and manufacturer, has become synonymous with power, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Phoenix Bats produces some of the highest quality wooden baseball bats on the market. Created using only premium rock maple, yellow birch, and northern white ash, Phoenix Bats are used by pro players, softball teams, hitting coaches, vintage leagues, and little leaguers alike. “I get to put a piece of quality into a player’s hands,” boasts Rick Antinori, National Sales Manager at Phoenix Bats. The old-school wooden bats are made in a state of the art, custom bat manufacturing shop located just outside of Columbus, Ohio. “It’s nice to know there’s still [American] manufacturing going on and I like to be a part of that.” Watch now to hear more of Phoenix Bats’ story!

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Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet