Nike Opens its Revolutionary Store in Miami, Shows the Future of Sports Retail


This week, Miami is welcoming a new, digitally integrated sports megastore to the heart of town. This two-story, 31,000 square foot building offers a host of state of the art technologies, a long list of exclusive Nike apparel, and service from Nike’s highly trained and certified staff. “Once again, we’re demonstrating how we are leading the future of sport retail” says Heidi O’Neill, Nike’s President of Global Direct to Consumer. Taking a look at the store and it’s possibilities, you can see this is the truth.


Designed for beauty

The store was designed by local Miami artist Jessy Nite. The mixed medium art for the structure includes paintings, sculpture and custom typography. Based on the incredibly vibrant themes and culture of the city itself, the building encapsulates the beauty of the city and the power of sport. The front of the 51-foot building is an ode to Nike’s own iconic story, boasting depictions of the waffle iron and the windrunner made using Brise-Soleil, a standard architectural feature in South Florida used to fend off the warm afternoon sun.

Once inside the building, you are surrounded by merchandise and real-time sports experiences. The store offers a long list of exclusive products as well as desired re-stocks. Highly stylized sections all aesthetically pleasing, the store is broken into various zones for different needs and wants.


Designed for interaction

The design and products are remarkable, but the most impressive aspect of this mega-store are the amazing Nike Trial zones. Catering to the sport enthusiast who wants to test the product they’re going to buy before swiping their card, the Running Zone, Soccer Zone, and Basketball Zone are all meant to make that dream a reality. Each space allows the Nike customer to work one-on-one with a highly trained associate while testing various products on actual, competitive sports surfaces. The true experience for the true athlete.


Designed for Personalization

On the second floor of the facility is The Longue, a dedicated women’s boutique which offers enhanced personal styling services and products. With the aid of a certified Nike store athlete, female customers can participate in individual consultations about style, or test out a product on the in-Longue treadmill and virtual running environment. The enhanced fitting rooms are two times the size of a start room and offer three lighting scenarios to see how the clothes actually look as you go about your day wearing them.

The integrated Nike+ service station is an in-store service space dedicated to allowing customers consultations with in store certified Nike Athletes. When not in a session, customers can access The Stands – an in-store space that allows shoppers to connect with one another while enjoying live, exclusive in-store programming.

The Nike Miami store has taken the sports retail experience to a whole new level. Making shopping a breeze and allowing its customers to access exclusive products and facilities, there seems to be nothing you can’t do in this store. It is a step into the future for one of the biggest brands in the world.


*Photos via Nike and Businesswire, respectively