#HubbaStories: Boutique Retailers Find the Niche Product They Didn’t Know They Needed


Note: #HubbaStories is a new series highlighting the successes of our community of really amazing and unique craft brands, retailers and influencers. You’ve been a big part of making Hubba what it is. This is your time. Check in here at the blog for #HubbaStories to congratulate your peers, and learn more about how you can use Hubba to accomplish your next goals. Let’s get things done.

Working at an agency building e-commerce sites but an entrepreneur at heart, Snappy Towels founder Dan Wood began to look for innovative product ideas and market gaps that could allow him to be in business for himself. An idea struck him at an unexpected moment: his son, then three years old, asked Dan to tie a towel around his neck as a cape like a superhero. Fiddling with the thick towel, his wheels began to turn. How would a towel with fastening devices look? What would it be made of? “It was either going to be a great idea, or a disaster” he laughs.

Two years and a lot of experimentation later, Dan has an exceptional product. A thin textured microfiber towel with plastic snaps (no rust!) along the edges. The product has evolved into much more than a plaything; snapping a towel onto a child also comes in handy at the beach or after swimming lessons for privacy and to keep warm. Snappy Towels also carries a line of adult-sized beach and sports towels that snap into a tote, snap over a railing or chair, and can be used as a hair wrap or hair trimming cape.

With the final product hitting consumer carts online in January 2016, Dan next needed to find his way into stores. He knew people would buy the niche product, but was unsure of the types of retailers that would carry it. More than that, Dan quickly realized retailers generally don’t like to take risks on unique and new products. “It’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing” he recalls. “I chased retailers for a while, but they don’t like experiments.”

How Hubba Helped

Enter Hubba. Chatting with us from his headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Dan says being a part of Hubba’s thriving B2B marketplace lends credibility to his new brand. Retailers join our network to discover the latest, trending products as decided by thousands of influencers in the industry.

Those products are then put in front of retail buyers looking to expand their collection in- store. You need to be able to make meaningful connections with the right types of shops. We help play matchmaker between brands like yours and over 7,000 eager retailers.

Since joining Hubba, Dan has made multiple retailer connections in the Sports & Outdoors space. Snappy Towels are now sold in stores as far as the Yukon, Canada! Dan continues to chat with retailers on the network to expand his brand’s reach today.

Someone is looking for you. Whether you’ve built a longboard of reclaimed wood or a leather bottle holder for cyclists; if you’ve got a great product, we’ve got a great retailer.