Today marks the last day of our Sports & Outdoors Week and what an amazing week we had. We were able to feature and showcase some of the top sports brands in the industry and some incredible up-and-comers. We loved being able to chat to a ton of sports brands and hear their stories about how they got started.


We wanted to recap all the stories that we were able to highlight this past week, so check out all of the articles below to see the latest and greatest in sports products, advice from sporting goods retail buyers, learn about how to make it in the snowboard industry and more!


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Brand Round-Ups


High Quality Products for the Outdoor Adventure Seeker

For those who love to wander and explore, we dug through the best of the best for this Sports & Outdoors Week feature.


Top Sports & Outdoor Brands to Help You Train and Recover Better

We have a roster of brands on Hubba for Sports & Outdoors Week who are there when you need them for endurance, stamina and resting up.


Hottest Bike Brands You Need to Know About

Cycling has picked up some serious steam and we wanted to showcase some of the top bike brands on Hubba that sell everything from frames to helmets to bike racks.


Looking to Stay Fit? These Products Will Keep You Active

Whether it’s playing an outdoor game with a family, scooting around, or using a device to monitor your athletic performance, we found so many awesome products for Sports & Outdoors Week that can help you stay fit and active.


From Slope to Surf: 8 Premium Boardsports and Kayak Brands

We sussed out some premium boardsports and kayak brands who have products you will want to get your hands on before you hit the slopes or the waves.


10 Must Have Sporting Goods Items

With everything from fishing gear made in Iceland to a mouthguard brand co-founded by a dentist, we found everything under the sun for those who love sports and the outdoors!


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Highlighted Brands, Sports & Outdoors Industry Insights


Product Spotlight: Snappy Towels Makes the Ultimate Microfiber Towel

We fell in love with founder’s story about how and why he created his company. We chatted with founder Dan Wood about everything from superheroes to how this microfiber towel came to be.


How to Make it in the Snowboard Industry: Building a Snowboard Brand

We chatted with a stellar snowboard brand on Hubba, Gilson Boards, about what it takes to rise above the rest, how they go the extra mile to stand out in the industry and their advice to up and comers in the sport.


What Products do Sporting Goods Retailers Want?

We wanted to go the extra mile to get our sports and outdoors brands in front of some sporting goods retailers and play a bit of matchmaker.

Trendspotting in Sports and Outdoors: Outdoor Equipped

We wanted to dig a bit deeper into what makes the industry thrive and suss out some sports industry trends. We sat down with the team at Outdoor Equipped to weigh in on Sports & Outdoors Week.



We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in our Sports & Outdoors Week. We can’t wait for the next one!