Rio 2016 Olympics: #HubbaBrands Participating in the World’s Fiercest Competition


At Hubba, we’re no stranger to looking competition in the eye. We show up to the office every day and come up with ideas that keep us at the top of the game – whether it’s a think tank with our industries’ most powerful influencers, bouncing ideas off innovative craft brands, or peeking into the mind of retailers over lunch – our community is what keeps us ahead of the pack.

When we discovered that a bunch of our brands are headed south to support American athletes in the Rio Olympics, we had to cover it. The brand power we have in our network is amazing, and growing stronger every day. Check out some of the #HubbaBrands participating in the world’s fiercest competition:

A company built by the people who know water polo best – collegiate athletes, coaches, fans, and even former Olympians – Kap7 is the world leader in water polo gear.

TURBO USA is the proud sponsor of the Men’s and Women’s National Water Polo Teams.

“We provide Team USA with their competitive water polo gear so they can look and feel great as they pursue their Olympic dream. Our sponsorship was led by Team USA athletes wanting to compete in the best gear in the world. We are thrilled to be involved in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and watch the best athletes in world compete wearing our products.”


“USA basketball players have no home court,” said Fitzsimon. “Their court is always somewhere else in the world, and there’s nothing to protect them. Smearing a gel on their hands is not really helping” said Lance Fitzsimon, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Kleenhanz.

Only 8 years after introducing their product into the market, Kleenhanz has taken over shelves (and benches) everywhere. “Unless you have a sink strapped around your neck when you’re running throughout your day, you have no way to truly clean your hands.”

“This cleans, kills and removes germs” chimes in Greg Carter, CEO of the hygiene company.