Cycling has picked up some serious steam and we wanted to showcase some of the top bike brands on Hubba that sell everything from frames to helmets to bike racks. If you’re an avid cyclist or a sporting goods retailer interested in a wide variety of bike brands and products, check out the Sports & Outdoors Week brands below!


De Rosa – Logica Sport


De Rosa Bike Brand


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Back in the 1950’s, Hugo De Rosa started building bike frames in a small workshop in Milan. By 1958, his meticulously crafted frames had reached the Pro Teams and the rest is pretty much history. Italian traditions, inspiration, craftsmanship and innovations are what make all De Rosa bicycles unique in their design.


De Rosa is a family business started and still owned and operated daily by the De Rosa family. Cristiano De Rosa is now the CEO of the company that maintains the same company culture and values they had since day 1, back in 1953. This gorgeous bike brand is distributed by Logica Sport in Canada. Logica Sport distributes many other impressive sporting brands on a global scale.


Delta Cycle


Delta Cycle Bike brand


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With proud roots in the early environmental movement, enhancing the cycling experience has been a labor of love for the team at Delta Cycle, since inception.  From the very beginning, Delta Cycle has wanted to help people enjoy their biking so that there would be more bikes in use every day.


Delta has been in the business for over 30 years, and as you can tell from their slogan, “unordinary gear for the practical cyclist,” selling useful cycling products with an innovative difference has always been their mission.  Backed by a team of tremendously talented design, engineering, and marketing professionals, they are all about making products better and more affordable, compared to what else is out there.  Delta Cycle offers a small, concentrated product line, that truly aims to represent the best there is in each category.


Delta Cycle products are available worldwide and can be found in places such as South Africa, Germany, Tokyo, just to name a few!




Spruzza bike brand


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If you’ve ever biked competitively or just on a scorching hot day, you know how good it feels to get a splash of water in the face. Instead of soaking yourself with your water bottle, Spruzza Mist is a way better alternative. Attach their slick mechanism to your handlebars and with the Spruzza water reservoir will keep you refreshed with up to 1000 mists.


According to the Spruzza team, it only takes one spray to drop your skin temperature. The benefits of sustainable cooling are dramatic. Improving performance, and endurance. It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a difference.


Nutcase Helmets


Nutcase Helmets bike brands


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Nutcase Helmets started with a brainwave idea when Michael Morrow attended an Oregon State football game. Sketching out the design for a crazy helmet on a cocktail napkin, he picked up an old sport helmet, skewered some rubber ducks with industrial screws and set off to cause a stir in the stands. Early designs included the iconic much-copied watermelon helmet.


Today that early, innovative design DNA is in every Nutcase helmet. Founded on the belief that not all helmets have to look serious to be serious, each helmet meets the appropriate safety standard in its class while maintaining a vibrancy in original, creative design that the market was lacking.



e-JOE Bike


eJoe Bikes


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In 2008, e-JOE came to be after the founder noticed a strong need for better transportation for the everyday commuter. Though e-bikes are not a new concept, e-JOE has been instrumental in creating a culture that embraces healthy, low cost ways to zip around town.


e-JOE does not follow trends. e-JOE sets the trends. That is why you will never see an impractical model on their product line. e-JOE know that fads die out, but functionality and practicality are forever. The brand focuses on putting the best technology and quality parts on all their e-bikes, and on giving their customers the most bang for their buck.


During the first two years of operations, e-JOE’s founder, Will, and single employee drove about 104,000 miles just to bring the bikes from the port of Long Beach to Will’s garage in San Diego whenever they would get an order. Now that’s commitment!





Steady Rack bike brand


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The inventor of Steadyrack started working on this concept with his father-in-law back in 2000. David is not only a cycling enthusiast but also a home builder, and Ron is an inventor, so together they knew how to go about developing the perfect solution.


Steadyrack allows you to vertically store your bike on the wall with little to no effort required. It does not damage the bike or rest on any of the main structural or damageable points which protects bikes. Steadyracks are suitable for any type of bike, including Fat Tyre Bikes and bikes with mudguards or fenders.


All Steadyrack bike racks can withhold 100kg of weight. The product is so strong and so well engineered that it can withstand even the heaviest of electric bikes!


Fatback Bikes


Fatback Bikes


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Fatback Bikes started with a love of cycling and a desire to ride year round in Alaska and explore places bikes have never traveled to in the winter or summer!


Fatback Bikes were the first high end, American made brand, focusing on making this new style of bike ride just as well or better than a traditional mountain bike. The brand does real life testing in the most remote places in Alaska and use trail racers feedback to help, design and build the best fat bikes available.


A fun fact about this brand is that they have won more races and hold more course records at the biggest fat bike races in the country than all other brands combined.




Lezyne bike brand


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Lezyne is constantly innovating and coming out with new handy gadgets for your bike. This brand creates everything from GPS devices, LED lights, carbon fibre air pumps and beautifully engineered professional shop tools. If you’re a DIY type of person or run a bicycle shop, you should check out this brand.


One awesome Lezyne product is their Super GPS,  a powerful device that is readable in super sunny conditions and has a backlight for night rides. It maps your progress and stores up to 400 hours of data.


The super computer allows for synchronization with iOS/android devices, heart rate straps, power meters and speed/cadence sensors. It allows you to view notifications for incoming phone calls, texts, and emails on the large monitor to keep you up to date on long rides!


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