Cycling Spotlight: Top Brands For Keeping Cyclists On Track


It’s no surprise to see bike sales increasing around the world. With the many benefits it provides – from daily exercise, to a tiny carbon footprint – cycling continues to be a fast-growing market, with no end in sight. In the United States alone, the number of cyclists saw a major increase between 2012 and 2014, increasing from around 51 million riders to slightly more than 67 million. As more people recognize the many benefits of cycling (recreation, health and environmental), and cities continue to expand cycling infrastructure, it is likely that more consumers will swap out their cars for bikes.

With all this new growth in the cycling industry, there are also many exciting and innovative new products available to meet the needs of this fast-growing market. Read on to learn more about some of the trendiest cycling brands and products out there today.

“Smart” cycling is here

In today’s world, many consumers depend on their smart phones or some other device to record, tally and count things such as speed, distance and other metrics. It should come as no surprise that the next trend in the cycling industry would be to create a bicycle that allows for the rider to connect and track that information without them having to do it themselves. Vanhawks has done just that, having created the world’s first connected cycling platform. The Valour bicycle comes in a variety of sizes, all with tracking capability. By connecting to the Vanhawks App, cyclists are automatically connected to their bicycle, creating a safer, easier and more enjoyable ride.

Bike security has become streamlined

It’s safe to say, preventing bike theft and damage is important to most consumers. As the cycling industry grows, the need for better, more lightweight and durable products emerges. Consumers are trading in bulky bike locks for ones from brands like TiGr, whose lightweight locks disrupt the typical U-locks and heavy chains model on the market so riders can enjoy their ride. Meanwhile, Steadyrack has created a product that is easily installed in commercial spaces. These bike mounts are lightweight, durable and swivel, allowing easy access to cyclists securing their bicycles.

Cycling apparel is now as stylish as it is practical

Accessories and apparel are always attractive to consumers, no matter the industry. As cycling grows, and reaches a broader spectrum of riders, the demographic continues to evolve. Brands are beginning to see the need for apparel and accessories that are suited for all types of riders. Club Ride Apparel marries cycle-appropriate fabrics with fashion-forward designs for riders who want a quick transition from cycling apparel to stylish street wear. Coeur Sports focuses on women and provides a wide selection of cycle kits just for them. This brand brings functional and comfortable women’s endurance sports clothing to the marketplace.