How This Outdoor Brand is Fulfilling Their ‘Brand Promise’ Through Extreme Measures


A lot goes in to a customer’s purchasing decision. You get it – even brand owners buy things from other vendors. Picture this: You’re standing in a store and are presented a number of options which are supposed to satisfy your needs. Products that should make your life easier; fill a gap currently making your everyday a little less convenient. You wade through the marketing jargon and decide one looks better than the rest. You buy it, haul it back home, open the package… and then realize it’s not what you wanted.

You have some options; you can complain and get a refund, write a strongly worded letter, blast the company/store on social media, etc. Or you can go to a retailer who makes sure this doesn’t happen.

As a retailer or brand, you have an obligation to quality and customer satisfaction. Or, at least, you should if you want to be a longstanding brand with a hockey stick sales chart.

It’s important to keep your promises. One company that exemplifies this is W.L. Gore & Associates and they’re cutting-edge in-store technology. The outdoor lifestyle and apparel company brings in roughly $3 billion in annual sales and spends hundreds of millions in research and development. As part of their company mission, they guarantee every single one of their products will fill the gap in your life you need it to. To do this, they’ve created a crown jewel in their research and development system. It’s called the EM5 testing facility.

This state of the art test lab was designed with one purpose: to perfectly mimic every single weather situation one of their products may face when being used by their consumers. Even when you think about the amount of money this facility must have cost, it still makes perfect sense. EM5 gives the brand the ability to prove the quality of their products and, ultimately, have happier customers.

The facility can mimic rainstorms anywhere from “a light drizzle in Scotland to a downpour in the Pacific Northwest”, writes Gear Junkie. With air and rain temperatures ranging from -50 to 50 degrees Celsius, a wind tunnel, a fire-testing area, and the ability to mimic solar radiation, this room can put you in a climate literally anywhere in the world.

If you promise your product can perform, make sure it can

Seems like common sense, but often with little budget for research and development, it’s harder than it seems to walk your talk. That kind of trust is the type relationships are built on. The EM5 testing facility isn’t something every company could afford to pull off, but the ethos is what matters. Stand behind your products and build trust through honesty, openness and a willingness to fulfil the needs of your customers no matter what.


*Image via Gear Junkie