Ask @RetailPhil: How a Brand Found an Influencer on Hubba and Why it Matters


As I speak to our brands, I get a lot of questions regarding how Hubba is being used and how brands, influencers, and retailers are getting value out of Hubba. I recently chatted with two folks that are active on Hubba and asked them how their partnership got started.

Mina Yoo is on a mission. She’s ambitious, smart, and wants to build a great company known for its equally great products. When I met her, she was already the head of a thriving business and a small but intrepid team of folks. Her company is Lulabop, and one of their best selling products is the The Qliplet.

Craft businesses often have very limited resources

The Qliplet already sells at a variety of e-tailers, including Amazon, in addition to being carried at REI and a host of other retailers. However, Mina, being Mina, wanted more. She wanted to learn more about her consumer in order to zero in on a more effective marketing campaign.

In a company with limitless resources, this type of endeavour usually means focus groups, agencies to run said focus groups and a year-long evolution towards a final ideal. Mina and company had a much scrappier approach. She needed to understand who was a bigger group of consumers for her. Was it a mom or an outdoorsman? To test her theories, she needed a quick, effective way to reach groups both groups and see who would respond.

Hubba gives you access to thousands of amazing influencers

Enter Kevin Paulson, a significant influencer on Hubba. Head of, Kevin speaks to outdoorsman all over the country – 30,000 of which follow him on Twitter. Mina connected with him on Hubba and promptly sent him a sample. Shortly after that, Kevin published a glowing review of The Qliplet.

The result? An uptake in Amazon sales for both Lulabop and The Qliplet. More importantly, as Mina explains, “I now have a significant voice in the outdoor world that vouches for the quality of my product.” She added the review to her arsenal when she met with Cabela’s this month to talk to them about listing her products.

If you’re following an influencer on Hubba that you think could be good for your brand, connect with them and start building a working relationship today. It could make all the difference you need, and that’s why it matters.



As the Retail Industry Manager at Hubba, Phil is responsible for uncovering both emerging trends and insights that may impact businesses engaged in commerce. With 20 years of experience under his belt, Phil helps brands and retailers adapt to the the new realities of retail and the next generation of commerce. Phil is a frequent speaker at industry events in Canada and the US, across multiple verticals, and is a featured writer in trade publications such Retail TouchPoints, Pet Product News, BikeBiz, and more.