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When we heard that Hubba was running Pet Week, we were eager to help. We love pets and we love eCommerce, and we wondered: What are the best-selling pet brands doing on Amazon to stand out?


Amazon updates its 100 best-selling products in each category hourly. Profitero monitors these best sellers lists daily and analyzes products’ performance over the past month to produce a cumulative ranking of best-selling products, which we call FastMovers. You can sign up to receive free reports for your category here.


Below, we analyze related Pet Supplies categories for October 2015, including pricing trends, stability, reviews, product titles, and Amazon program eligibility.


Pet Supplies best sellers on Amazon were relatively stable


Among 10 Amazon categories studied in October 2015, Pet Supplies had the highest average tenure on our FastMovers lists. The average Pet Supplies FastMover stayed on the Pet Supplies FastMovers list for 28 days. Also, Pet Supplies had the lowest price variance compared to other top-level categories studied. Pet Supplies FastMovers, on average, just had 3 price changes in October 2015 compared to 5 for Grocery & Gourmet Food and 7 for Toys & Games.


Pet Supplies Amazon




Pet Supplies best sellers on Amazon are heavily reviewed


Pet Supplies, the top-level category for Dog Food, Dog Treats, Cat Food and Cat Treats, had an average of 2,113 reviews, which ranked the category #4 among the 10 top-level categories studied.


Average Reviews for Pet Supplies


The top brands were more reviewed than other FastMovers. Greenies, which was ranked the #1 brand in Dog Treats, had an average of 5,336 reviews, compared to 1,543 for the average Dog Treats brand. Purina, which was ranked the #1 brand in Cat Food, had an average of 2,046 reviews, compared to 1,097 reviews for the average Cat Food brand.


In addition, higher ranked FastMovers were more reviewed than lower ranked FastMovers. In Dog Food, the top 10 FastMovers, on average, had 1,363 reviews, 2X the remaining 90 FastMovers’ review counts, at 666.


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The average Pet Supplies FastMover had 5 product images


Among 10 top-level categories studied, the average Pet Supplies FastMover in October 2015 had 5 images, which was slightly below the median number.


Among Pet Supplies sub-categories, Cat Food FastMovers had the highest average image count (6) and Dog Food had the lowest image count (4).


Pet Supplies Amazon Product Images


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“Natural” and “Grain Free” are popular pet food characteristics


Among the 100 FastMovers, “Natural” was referenced in product titles 26 times in Dog Food, 20 times in Dog Treats, 17 times in Cat Food and 13 times in Cat Treats.


Similarly, “Grain Free” (or “Grain-Free”) was referenced in the product title 16 times in Dog Food, 10 times in Cat Treats, 9 times in Cat Food and twice in Dog Treats.


Wellness Pet Grain Free Amazon


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Amazon program eligibility varies between pet food categories and pet treats categories


Pet food FastMovers tend to be eligible for Amazon Prime, and Pet treats FastMovers tend to participate in the Subscribe & Save program.


For example, in Cat Food, 9 out of the top 10 FastMovers were Prime-eligible, but just 1 out of the top 10 was eligible for Subscribe & Save. On the contrary, in Cat Treats, only 1 out of the top 10 FastMovers was Prime-eligible, but 8 out of the top 10 FastMovers were eligible for Subscribe & Save.


How can your pet brands stand out on Amazon?


  1. Optimize product content (titles and images) to improve relevance to key search terms
  2. Have clear and complete product titles that highlight product attributes shoppers are searching for
  3. Have enough high-quality images to help shoppers make a decision
  4. Aim for enough ratings & reviews (benchmark towards best sellers in your category)


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