If we’ve learned two things from Pet Week, it’s how passionate of a community pet owners’ have formed, and the lengths we’ll go to make sure our animals know they’re loved. There are many products out there that we want, but these are some products that we absolutely need! We have pet brands that make health monitoring apps for pups to nose butters for your pets. Take a look below at some of the top notch pet brands on Hubba!




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Make getting healthy and active a team effort!  FitBark is an app that monitors your dog’s everyday activity and sleep so you can track their progress. It’s a great way to keep your pet healthy, explain changes in behaviour, and make better decisions with your vet. FitBark designed this beautiful, bone-shaped sensor to monitor your dog’s daily activity and turn it into BarkPoints as a way to track progress.


FitBark inspires a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog because we ultimately want the best for those we love. With FitBark you can set relevant health goals based on similar dogs insights, get peace of mind when your dog spends time with a family member or at daycare and watch your pup closely when they’re not feeling well.



Healthy Dogma




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Everyone loves banana chips, right? Well Healthy Dogma makes a ton of awesome products and treats for pets but they also make ‘Blissful Banana Crisps’  for pups! The wonderful people behind the brand believe firmly that everything you feed your pets should ultimately be beneficial to maintaining a healthy body and should be natural. Healthy Dogma sells high-quality products and are on a mission to make the healthiest food, treats and supplements around.



Blissful Dog




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An award-winning French Bulldog breeder, the founder of this awesome brand was always trying to find ways to bring comfort to her dogs’ dry noses. She tried everything, to no avail. It was only one day when she was slathering shea butter on her legs that she had a pet epiphany. Now, she runs an awesome pet brand with safe, healthy products for your pooch!



Soul’y Raw




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Wanting to provide their animals with the best quality nutrients possible, the founders began making their pet’s raw food out of their garage. And so it remained… until five years ago, when the demand from the public turned this hobby into not only a viable, but successful business: Soul’y Raw.


Their product line is based on the promise to provide whole nutrition to your pets! They don’t add any supplements or preservatives.



Endura Flap Pet Doors




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This brand raises a great point: considering your pup will be opening their doggy door with their face, it should probably have a flexible flap. Most flexible flap doors shrink when it gets cold… this is where Endura Flap separates itself from competitors. A 4-season pet door to make sure your pet is comfortable, and your house stays warm and cozy in frigid winters.



Primetime Petz




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Crafting furniture-quality gates, kennels and steps, Primetime Petz believes that pet owners shouldn’t have to choose between an adorable pet and a beautiful home. This brand manages to create beautiful home solutions, while still keeping in mind your animal’s comfort and safety. Oh, and they’re made of chew-resistant wood. Yes.







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Get the sniffles every time you walk into a house with a cat? Nobody wants to miss out on the joy of having a furry friend in their lives. Enter Allerpet, a veteran in the pet care industry. They’ve created an external product that aids in the removal of allergens right at the source – on your pet – before they become airborne. Now you can have a pet and avoid environmental allergies!



Precious Tails




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With products found in most major departments stores and pet retailers through out the United States, Precious Tails is focussed on providing time-tested accessories for your pet. They believe that a pet really is a member of the family, and should be treated as such!



Earth Heart




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Earth Heart uses a blend of pure essential oils to help keep your pet calm during times of anxiety. During a thunderstorm; if you’re having a party; or even if you’ve newly adopted a pet, just spray a bit onto your fingertips and gently rub it onto your dog’s ears to bring them some comfort.



Reddi Pet




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Does your dark bark at everything? Reddi Pet has developed a safe and humane way to remedy the problem. No electric shocks here! This no-bark collar that doesn’t harm your pet. It uses vibration and sound to deter your pet from barking, and help train them even while you’re not at home.


Are you a pet brand looking to connect with pet retailers and be involved in our next Pet Week?