Small Dog Lives a Life of Luxury, Zips Around NYC in his Bentley


From pet owners stepping up their game with the latest product trends, to our own amazing community of enthusiastic brands and influencers, the pet industry certainly keeps us on our toes! And it’s just getting started – the industry’s retail sector is expected to reach nearly  $63 billion this year, up 25% from 2010. “Brands of all sizes can step into the arena and experience business growth” Hubba trend-spotter and writer Jill England quips.

So when we get news of busy New Yorkers – a bespoke group of pet pamperers themselves – stopping in the streets to check one pup out, we have to pay attention.

Luigi Maestro, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu, has been turning heads as he drives through the streets of NYC in his luxury cars. That’s plural. “Luigi has a car collection many New Yorkers could only dream of” reports Barcroft Animals’ latest “Cute as Fluff” video featuring Luthe pup. A self-proclaimed “car collector” and “neurotic, complicated New Yawker” (according to his Instagram), Luigi already has a Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche and a BMW.

Luigi’s owner Anisha Lakhani puts it best: “Humans can walk too, why do we have cars?”

Touché. From being sketched in his car by a street artist to being #spotted lapping a drink of water in front of the Met, we think it’s fair to say this pooch has got NYC on lock.

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