@RetailPhil’s Essential Reading To Get the Industry Scoop Before Global Pet Expo


The pet industry is growing at an unprecedented (and unstoppable) rate. Pets are taking over households and making their presence felt in our hearts and our wallets. In the United States, 1 in 3 households have a dog, followed closely by the 1 in 4 who have a cat. Of those adoring owners, 27% of them have taken their pet for professional photos. All this to say: people love their furry friends, and will go to great lengths to ensure they’re living a happy life.

This is what makes Global Pet Expo an exciting place to be this year. As we get ready to go, we thought we’d share some reading about trends you should know if you want to shmooze with the best at the trade show:


Pet technology will be something that helps to grow the retailers’ shopping baskets. Read about how one industry leading company fulfilled their Kickstarter goal in record time with the help of social media.

Pet supplements will also become prominent as the average median age for pets continues to rise. Familiarize yourself with some of the best in the biz who have the mantra, “‘we won’t feed it to our dogs if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves”.

Natural pet food continue to rise and become mainstream for the pet industry. Read all about a trend so impactful, it skyrocketed pet products to the top of Valentine’s Day spending. (You read that right.)


Want to build your Global Pet Expo strategy with us? There are a few things to watch and listen to as well! Throw them onto your iPod and listen while you’re walking your dog.

Find out what you need to get ready for Global Pet by tuning into this webinar with RetailPhil and J. Nichole Smith. Or hit up our free podcast to learn more about Nichole Smith and her groundbreaking pet business.

Another recurring theme this year that’s sure to be a hot topic at the Expo is one that RetailPhil first wrote about last year. It’s all about how Pets have become people, too… er, at least in the eyes of a retailer.

Whether you’re heading to the show or not, we’re excited to be here to teach and celebrate your triumphs with you! If you are headed to Orlando, head to this link to track what’s happening with Hubba and the Global Pet Expo. There, you can sign up for the Hubba Networking Event with RetailPhil, and keep track of what’s happening at the show through a live-feed.


See you soon!