Heading to Global Pet Expo? Nichole Smith of ‘Working with Dog’ joins @RetailPhil to Help You Get Ready!


It’s trade show season, so you’re probably busy booking booths, planes, hotels, and everything else that needs to go just right for you and your business.

If you’re a pet brand, there’s one specific trade show that’s got you raring to go, ready to get your product out there and (hopefully) into the hands of your next big client. The Global Pet Expo is the largest pet products trade show in the U.S., showcasing a reported 16 football fields’ worth of pet products, more than 3,000 product launches, and around 150 first-time exhibitors each year.

While you’re preparing for the big day, why not add “get expert tips from industry insiders” to your list?

Join my webinar this week, and you’ll get to hear from a special guest! Nichole Smith from Working with Dog will be joining me to help you put your best paw forward for Global Pet Expo. Together, we’ll get you thinking about how to make the best impression you can while getting the most out of each and every moment you’re there.


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