Product Spotlight: Fetch Eyewear Gives Back in a Big Way


Founded just a little over 10 years ago, Fetch Eyewear is a self-described, “small company with a big vision.” While donating a portion of proceeds to charity is certainly nothing new in the increasingly altruistic world of retail, Fetch Eyewear takes it several steps further, donating 100% of their proceeds to the Pixie Project, a foundation aimed towards improving the wellbeing of animals through rescue, veterinary care and education. According to Executive Director Chris Hoffman, Fetch Eyewear’s philosophy is really quite simple: “If there’s a cause or mission that’s important to you, it is possible to support yourself while also supporting that cause […] If there’s something you care deeply about, do something about it!”

The buck doesn’t end there however, as Fetch Eyewear regularly donates their extremely well-crafted frames to other causes as well, helping to provide low cost eyewear to those in need. Watch the video above to learn more about how this brand keeps philanthropy at the core of their business.

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Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet