Pet Products Outperformed All Other Categories On Valentine’s Day – Here’s Why


When most people think about Valentine’s Day, they tend to imagine love-struck couples showering each other with gifts and lavish experiences. But for a large portion of Americans, Valentine’s Day means expressing their feelings of adoration to all of their loved ones – and that includes pets.

Last year, consumers spent nearly $700 million USD on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets, according to the NRF. In fact, Americans tend to spend nearly as much on their pets (19.9 percent) as they do on their friends (20.2 percent) on this special day.

As such, brands and retailers are seeing a nice little bump in sales when it comes to pet products. Home and housewares e-tailer Wayfair sold 84 percent more products in their Pet category than all other categories combined. This includes Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Florals & Décor and Single-Life Picks.

We can probably pin this on several different trends currently present in the pet industry – namely, the humanization of pets and the desire of pet brands to capitalize on them. Millennials are amongst the most passionate of the pet-owning consumer base. As a result, brands like yours are coming up with new and creative ways for them to express that love. Whether it’s launching stylish new product lines or encouraging consumers to #sharethelove online, it’s no wonder Valentine’s Day has become such a big hit in recent years for pet owners.

Pet brands would be foolish not to take advantage of this new wave of ultra-involved pet customer. Keep in mind certain key traits such as:

  • their affinity for splurging on their four-legged loved ones;
  • their love of social media (that alone should get your influencer spidey-senses tingling) and;
  • their ongoing search for premium quality, eco-friendly and socially responsible brands and products (think American-made, ethically-sourced and sustainably made).

When building a brand, checking off one or more of the above requirements will go a long way towards winning the hearts of your consumers.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet