This Pet Company Uses Impeccable Customer Service to Help Them Go Viral – Here’s How


There’s just something about being a pet parent that makes one feel so warm and fuzzy inside. To most, these are their “children” and their care and well being means a lot to their parents. In the pet industry, face-to-face interactions are the norm – visits to the vet, dog parks, and pet stores are all places where conversations with the consumer take place while the needs of their favorite four-legged friend are met.

However, one e-retailer is changing how it’s done. Chewy, a Florida-based online pet retailer that went live in 2011, has disrupted how their clients see customer service. Going above and beyond is their motto and making their shoppers feel special has become a big part of their mission. They currently employ a dedicated team of Customer Service team members who work 24/7 to respond personally to customers. With a total staff of 3,777 in four cities, they speak live to each client, getting to know them and their pets, even going as far as sending hand written notes to first time clients. The team encourages customers to send in photos of their pets online, then surprises their unsuspecting customers with commissioned pet portraits included for free in their delivered orders. Talk about making someone feel extra special while engaging them online!

Spreading the Love, Online

In our society, much of our lives end up on social media. And of course, pets are a big part of pet parents’ social feeds. By Chewy extending their customer service to such a personal and thoughtful level, clients in turn post their hand written notes, their commissioned artwork, and pictures of their pets, all the while tagging Chewy. It’s endless free marketing and this is what helps their brand go viral. Chewy’s strategy also attracts new audiences of pet parents who are looking for that type of consideration from a retailer. Personalized experiences were once thought to only exist if a face-to-face interaction took place in a physical store – but this company has broken that mold.

Be More Like Chewy

As an e-retailer, taking a look at how the customer service aspect of the business is run can be well worth it. It’s no secret that people like to feel special. By providing that extra layer of care and service, growth opportunities are sure to follow. Chewy’s sales doubled to more than 850 million last year. On top of their pet portrait program, they also sent out 2 million holiday cards to any customer who purchased over the holiday season. This company also answers emails within half a day and makes sure no one waits more than six seconds on a live chat. These personal touches have clearly gone a long way. It’s easy for customers to go online, browse, order and be done. Most just hope for an online company that has a reliable return system – that’s where the bar has been set. Chewy clearly shows there is room to grow. While a strong return method is a must (on top of a social media presence and a website that is easy to navigate), it looks like taking customer engagement to another level is the key to growing one’s e-retail business.

Jill England

Jill England

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Jill England