For the kick off of Hubba Pet Week, we wanted to highlight some of the awesome brands who make pet accessories that our pets absolutely love and go nuts for. On Hubba we found everything from comfy pet beds, to play toys. We have a ton of awesome brands to look at so without further adieu, check out Urban Paw Pet, Caitec Corp, Tether Tug, Bedtime4Dogs, RuffDawg, Dog Rocks, DogIDs, Friendship Collar and Pet Fusion.


Urban Paw Pet




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A brand that cares as much about the world as they do their own success. Urban Paw Pet creates beautiful beds for your furry friend (seriously, you’ll wish you had one for yourself), and then uses some of their proceeds to initiatives that help keep animals off the streets. But that’s not all – they also strive to use eco-friendly materials to make their beds.


Good on ya, Urban Paw Pet! We love brands that think about every aspect of their company’s impact.


Caitec Corp




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Caitec Corp. has been making pets happy since 1992 with their wide range of toys for animals of all types. Dogs, cats, birds, aquarium animals – these guys have something for everyone.  Rooted in customer satisfaction, this brand wants to make sure both you and your pet are taken care of.



Tether Tug




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Dedicated to promoting physical health in dogs for any activity level, the folks at Tether Tug reinvented tug-of-war so your pooch can get in their daily exercise even when you’re not home. The product is simple, but innovative: a stationary, in-ground pole with a tether for your dog’s favorite toy to attach to. The perfect solution for an energetic little puppy waiting for you to get home from work!







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An idea born of a very sleepy new puppy owner, Bedtime4dogs makes treats that calm your dog and get them ready for bed. The secret? Chamomile affects dogs just like it does humans. A warm cup of calming tea, in biscuit form!


If your puppy doesn’t have the same bedtime as you, give them one of these organic bones while you get ready to tuck in for the night.


Dog Rocks



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Do you love your lawn almost as much as your dog? Dog Rocks has found the perfect solution to pet urine burn patches ruining your otherwise groomed lawn. All you have to do is put a pack of them in your dog’s water bowl, and your grass will stay beautiful for up to two months! Dog Rocks are 100% natural, with no effect on the pH balance of your pet’s urine. Completely safe!






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Colorful toys for your unique pet! Ruffdawg has a diverse line of rubber pet accessories for your pup. Dog bowls, colorful sticks and rabbits that stand out in the grass, cat-a-pulting toys that launch from your hand – these guys have thought of everything your dog wants.







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DogIDs use the latest engraving technology to create personalized accessories for your pet. The company was founded in 2005 by a family who wanted to show their dog some love and get him a custom tag. The rest is history! Now, guided by their sincere passion for animals, they’ve got an extensive line of products ready to showcase your dog’s unique personality.



Friendship Collar




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These fashion-forward collars for your pet are made with ethics in mind! Created with love for all animals (made from vegan leather), every collar you order comes with a matching friendship bracelet for yourself. The perfect way to display the bond between you and your loved one.



Pet Fusion




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A company with your and your pet’s needs in mind! Pet Fusion creates products that help you take care of your furry companions, all the while keeping your home looking modern and clean. Check them out for their huge line of everything from feeding bowls, cat lounge furniture, and more.



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