Why You Should Use Personal Services to Position Yourself as a Luxury Pet Brand


Customers have long associated in-store personal services with upscale appeal. Think about it: how much fancier do you feel when you’re offered a hot cappuccino or a flute of champagne upon entering a hair salon or clothing boutique? Major luxury brands like Chanel and Burberry are renowned for their personalized services and making their customers feel like royalty, but that doesn’t mean a craft brand like you can’t set yourself apart with amazing customer service.

Adding these types of services is an easy way to position yourself in a consumer’s mind as upscale. And this is true across all categories – yes, even the pet industry.

More than just a shopping destination

What seems like eons ago, I used to work at a luxury pet boutique called, wait for it, Poochie Couture. While I initially scoffed at the name, upon entering the store for my first interview I realized it wasn’t too far off from the truth. The owner took pet ownership extremely seriously, making sure her store offered anything dog lovers could possibly ask for, from stylish winter parkas to doggie birthday cakes. What was most impressive however, was how many shoppers dropped in simply for her services.

Immediately upon entering the store, guests were treated to a cup of espresso (from a fancy gold contraption I could never get the hang of) and their pets were offered treats. Once a month, the store hosted a “tea party”, where owners of small lap dogs could bring in their furry friends and have them hang out in a supervised area. The store also held a Halloween party which resulted in a major boost in sales of canine costumes during the fall season.

Consider what you can do for your customer

While bigger retailers may offer more ritzy services like personal shoppers and a 24/7 concierge, you can start out small and make just as much of an impact to your shoppers. Burberry now organizes birthday parties, private dinners, and art-gallery visits for high-spending shoppers – you can provide something similar by hosting an intimate affair for your best customers’ four-legged friends. Or, take it a step further by offering pet sitting, walking, or grooming services.

Positioning is almost as much about understanding how consumers think as it is about what they buy. Traditionally, upscale customers are used to this kind of red-carpet treatment in stores, so why not pleasantly surprise your customers with first-class treatment? Your sales records will thank you.

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet