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What an amazing week we just had! Pet Week here at Hubba was a huge success! We featured and showcased some of the top pet brands in the industry and some incredible up-and-comers. We had a blast chatting with the owners and co-founders of these pet brands and hearing them share their stories with us.


We wanted to recap all the awesome stories that we were able to highlight this past week, so check out all of the articles below to see the latest and greatest in pet products, advice from pet retail buyers, and learn about how a pet brand is building itself into an enormous lifestyle brand. Oh, and we also wanted to throw in a photo of an adorable puppy. Because what’s Pet Week without puppies?



Brand Round-Ups



Pet Accessories Your Pet Will Thank You For


We wanted to highlight some of the awesome brands who make pet accessories that our pets absolutely love and go nuts for. On Hubba we found everything from comfy pet beds, to play toys.


10 All Natural Pet Brands That Are Natural and Safe


It’s clear that pet owners are being more proactive about searching for all natural, wholesome food and accessories for their animals. Take a look at some stand out all natural pet brands.


Booties, Wraps, Harnesses and More: Awesome Pet Apparel Brands


We care about our pets well being, safety and warmth. Our pets naturally want to be outside and they want to feel safe. We sussed out some of the top pet apparel brands that are up to snuff for our loved ones and even found some incredible therapeutic products.


9 Creative Pet Products to Buy Your Family Pet


We had a blast scouring Hubba for the most creative pet products for your animals to enjoy. We found everything from shark beds for cats, to compostable poop bags to condiments for pet food.


Pet Food to Pet Trackers: Here are 10 Top Notch Pet Brands


If we’ve learned two things from Pet Week, it’s how passionate of a community pet owners’ have formed, and the lengths we’ll go to make sure our animals know they’re loved. There are many products out there that we want, but these are some products that we absolutely need!


Organic Pet Food: The Latest Trend in Treats and Supplements


There’s no denying that there has been a huge surge in organic lifestyle choices and that doesn’t stop at human food. Oh yes, it transcends to pet food as well. Consumers are being more and more away of what type of kibble, treats and supplements they are feeding their pets.


Hubba Pet Week Cats



Highlighted Brands, Product Launches, Pet Industry Insights



Strategically Growing Your Lifestyle Brand Into an Empire: World of Angus


We wanted to search for an up-and-coming lifestyle brand and pick their brain about their growth plans and strategy around building their audience. We were lucky to be able to interview a remarkable budding lifestyle brand, World of Angus.


Jax and Bones Teams With World of Angus to Launch Dog Bed Collaboration


Jax & Bones and World of Angus are two very impressive pet brands that that have made their mark on the pet industry. The two power house brands have teamed up to launch a very impressive line of dog beds together.


Pet Retailers Weigh in on Pet Week and Discuss Their Favourite Brands!


Considering we had so many amazing pet brands involved for Pet Week, we wanted to spread the love a little further and promote them to our community of pet retailers as well! We asked some of our retailers to pick a few of the pet brands participating in Pet Week and chat about their favourites


Charlotte Reed’s 5 Favorite Products For Pets and Their People


We were able to get Charlotte Reed, international pet care media expert to weigh in on Pet Week and chat to us about some of her favorite pet brands.


What We Learned From Analyzing Pet Supplies Best Sellers on Amazon


We had Profitero analyze related Pet Supplies categories for October 2015, including pricing trends, stability, reviews, product titles, and Amazon program eligibility.



We wanted to send a warm heartfelt thank you to all the pet brands and pet retailers on Hubba who shared their stories with us and shed some light on why you do what you do every day. It was truly inspiring to hear and we’re excited to watch your brands grow and prosper and can’t wait for our next Pet Week!


Are you a pet brand looking to connect with pet retailers and be involved in our next Pet Week?


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