There are a lot of reasons Hubba Pet Week is special and one of the biggest is that we give the people we love a platform to shine a brighter light on cool things that are important to them. Two companies we have a lot of love for are Jax & Bones and World of Angus. These two brands have teamed up to launch a very impressive line of dog beds together and honestly we can’t think of a better pairing since Smokey Robinson and Daryl Hall got together to sing Sarah Smile and Ooo Baby Baby, seriously it’s that good.


We were lucky to sit down with both Jax & Bones and World of Angus about the upcoming collaboration, describe their process in discovering each other and what we can look forward to.


What exactly are you guys launching?


World of Angus and Jax & Bones have come together on The Dog Bed and bedding marketplace of original and collaborative designs. By giving the consumer multiple choices allows them to not only provide the best sleep for their best friend, but also keep their home decor looking fresh with on-trend seasonal designs. The mattress will last for years and that may just be longer than your love of the checkerboard wallpaper currently hanging so with choices you don’t need to buy a new bed for your pet every time you get room design inspiration.


Fact is that when your pup isn’t running after balls, or curled up with you on the couch, they’re probably sleeping. Dogs spend about 50% of its life asleep so creating the world’s best sleep experience for your four legged friend was important. The Dog Bed is a revolutionary accessory because it’s a lifetime investment in your pet’s health and well-being. Made from premium human grade memory foam with Thiscustom support relieves both tension and stress as your pup sleeps.World of Angus Dog Bed

Everything about The Dog Bed is unique, even how you receive it. Taking advantage of the memory foam, the beds are rolled before packaging. This allows packaging to be 50% smaller than your typical dog bed.


This is better for the environment as well as reduces shipping charges.


What drew Jax & Bones and World of Angus together?


We met each other in NYC last year. While chatting, we realized how similar our brand philosophies were and knew working together was an absolute must! World of Angus has been a huge supporter of Jax & Bones products in Canada and has introduced the line to thousands of consumers in Canada through online channels. The Dog Bed collaboration with World of Angus is the next step in our partnership and the process has brought forth a lot creative energy and new ideas.




Tell us about Jax & Bones and World of Angus


Jax & Bones is an eco-friendly company specializing in luxury dog bedding and adorable and durable dog toys and accessories. Founder Tina Nguyen said her goal was and is to always create a business that would allow her to take her dog to work and cater to two of his basic needs: sleep and play!


Making a Jax & Bones toy is a process and that is what makes them special. Each item is dyed using eco-friendly vegetable dyes and the rope toys are all hand tied in their production facility in Baldwin Park, CA. Each bed is built by a craftsman using high quality materials, and stuffed with Jax & Bones’ signature filler Sustainafill made from recycled soda bottles.


Each year Jax & Bones donates 10% of toy sales to Animal Rescue Groups in the US.


World of Angus makes and curates products that make your dogs life better. With everything from apparel, grooming, to dog bedding, World of Angus carries products for every doggie desire. Making the most high-quality products, even all the grooming products by World of Angus are handmade in Toronto, Canada. We only use natural, organic, biodegradable ingredients.


So whether it’s time to lather up at home in the bathtub, outside in the backyard, or up north in the lake, you can feel good knowing you’re not harming the environment your best bud loves to run around in.


World Of Angus is a lifestyle brand built from your dog’s perspective. We create and offer products that are designed to make the things they do every day that much better. We focus on Canadian and American made products that are organic and sustainable whenever possible. North American workers produce some of the best products in the world, and we aim to provide a unique and focused collection of the best.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Jax & Bones and World of Angus. We can’t wait to see your beautiful dog beds!


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