#HubbaStories: Pet Brand Uses Hubba as Virtual Trade Show, Calls it “Perfect Tool for Small Businesses”


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Established in Denmark in 1989, the Lakse Kronch brand taps into the numerous health benefits of salmon to provide tasty products, without unnecessary additives or filler ingredients, suitable for both dogs and cats. As the exclusive U.S. distributor of Kronch, CEO David Sheffield has helped shape and expand Kronch U.S.A. into the company it is today.

While currently sold at over 150 retailers (and counting), Kronch still remains a relatively small business. “It’s definitely a grassroots effort. We started really small and were reaching out to every individual customer that we could find at these really small pet shows,” David explains. Unfortunately, as any small business owner can attest to, running the trade show circuit can be a costly affair, with the time and effort required sometimes far outweighing the benefits gained.

How Hubba Helped

“I’m setting up for an expo right now, but it’s for a limited regional audience, one weekend per year and costs $525 – and that’s just one of the smaller ones!” David exclaims. “[Trade shows are becoming] outdated and I see Hubba being the solution to that.” After joining Hubba (and connecting with several retailers shortly after), David felt it only made sense to re-allocate some of his trade show budget towards the Accelerate program, in order to better take advantage of the many services Hubba offers.

“It really helps us connect with retailers without having to go through this costly process of going to these trade shows which are [full of] huge brands that have big sway there. [Hubba is] a really great tool for small businesses.”

In fact, since joining just a few months ago, Kronch has already picked up several accounts, one of which is a repeat client who is currently exploring the possibility of placing a larger order. For brands like Kronch, Hubba Accelerate makes it so easy to find and connect with retailers. It’s no secret that the costs associated with preparing for (and attending) trade shows can rack up. And as a newcomer to the industry, figuring out the best way to stand out to the right people can be difficult. Making individual connections with the right buyers, influencers, and other potential clients – like what Hubba lets you do in a single click – are crucial to any growing business.

Hubba Accelerate gives you the tools you need to put your best foot forward. And once we’ve done all we can to ensure your success, we take a step back and let you decide who you’d like to work with.

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