Hubba Pets Fetch their Favorite Products to Eat, Play, Love


Our community has spoken – their favorite thing about Hubba is access to insider insights like trending products and industry news. The US pet industry’s online sales increased by 76% and is still growing steadily, so it didn’t come as a surprise when we noticed the pet industry’s activity boom in-app. Pet brands have added a surge of products into our network lately. It seems like everyone’s scratching at the door to put their product information online!

To pay homage to our growing network of pet industry professionals (that includes heavy-hitters like Jeremy Potvin of World of Angus and Charlotte Reed), we’ve unleashed a few honorary staffers who know the pet world best – our own office fur-babies! Lulu, Rupert and Francois LeChat have created Hubba Lists of their fave products that pass the sniff test, and think you’d be amiss to not have them in your selections:


“Ya, I was born with these curls. Hypoallergenic, FYI. It’s mostly genes, and a little bit of routine. I hate the smell of dog, and I won’t leave the house looking dull, so my dad chooses the best shampoos to keep me smelling fresh and my curls shiny. We blow dry so they won’t flatten when I’m lounging around on my bed. I like going to the dog park to hang with friends, and I only fetch for frisbees.”

Check out Lulu’s list

“Are you going to eat that? Cuz I will, especially when you aren’t looking. Fun treats that taste good and don’t make me squishy are the best! I’m a rough and tumble guy but I also love dressing up with a smart new collar and getting presents like toys that bounce, or fluffy ones that look like squirrels.” #hungryandproudofit

Check out Rupert’s list

“At home I’m in charge of chasing my feathery and jingly toys, and the occasional night shift singing club style. This kind of work means a lot of sleeping so my bed is really important to me, and I need one in each room since the sun travels. Also, I’ll admit I like to dabble in recreational catnip- I love it in toys, scratchers, sprays, loose…”

Check out Frank’s list

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*Rupert’s photo taken by Stephanie MacNeill