These are the Health Trends Taking Over Your Industry


Consumers are bombarded with promises of “healthy alternatives” to this and “fat-free, gluten-free, anything-bad-for-you-free” that on a constant basis. The total retail value of the Health and Wellness market in the US has been on a steady rise for decades, and in 2014 reached closed to $157 billion.

However make no mistake, today’s consumers are much quicker to hold a company’s feet to the fire when it comes to a brand’s promise of cleaner ingredients. Increasingly health-conscious consumers have a much heavier hand in industry trends than ever before. From using fewer, less processed ingredients, to going chemical-free, companies are finally heeding to their cries. Want to know what growing trends these consumers expect from your business? Read on!


Fashion-loving consumers are wising up to the detrimental consequences of fast fashion’s “throw-away culture,” opting instead for fair-trade and sustainably-made clothing – and with good reason! The Apparel industry is the second largest cause of pollution on earth, with nearly 11 million tons of textile waste accumulated per year just in the US. Nudnik sources 100% up-cycled fabrics to create their quirky kids wear. Why? In the Fashion Industry, it takes 2700L of water just to make one t-shirt!

Food & Beverage

Foodies love the shift in the Industry towards turning superfoods into super snacks but are less happy about the vast amount of food waste accumulated each year. As such, brands are being more careful about incorporating “unused” food into their recipes and/or products. Barnana uses the blemished bananas that would normally go to waste to make their nutritious snack bars. The FDA and the USDA have even established a goal to reduce food waste by 50% by the year 2030.

Personal Care & Beauty

Consumers not only want clean, toxin-free products to add to their personal care regimen but they want beauty with the added healthy benefits all-in-one. Superfoods kale, quinoa and turmeric are slated to become the top trending ingredients in skin care, driven by the consumer’s need for both skin and health-enhancing topical skin care products to match their new, healthier diets. Treat Beauty’s organic lip balms are USDA certified and good enough to eat!


Nowadays, pets are regarded as true members of the family, meaning what the family eats, the pets eat too. Clean labelling and human-grade ingredients are just the tip of the pet food iceberg. However, pet trends don’t just end with the food our furry friends eat. Supplies meant for the care of smaller critters means using more sustainable production methods and recyclable materials in order to reduce the impact on the earth. Critter Care does a great job at providing guilt-free bedding made from reclaimed wood pulp that is biodegradable and compostable after use.