Calling All Pet Brands: Four-Legged Influencers You Should Know About


From Bubbles the Chimp to Bo Obama, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that our furry friends certainly aren’t averse to being in the spotlight. But when exactly did they start becoming famous enough to endorse brands (and become one in their own right)? If we had to guess, it’d probably be around the time Grumpy Cat came onto the scene.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to come across unbelievably cute, quirky, stylish (or all of the above) pets racking up likes and followers on social media. Doting pet parents are setting up a profile page almost as soon as they bring their new fur-babies home! Below are just a few examples of our favorite four-legged influencers killing it on social media.

Boo the Pomeranian

Boo the Pomeranian boasts an impressive 17 million likes on Facebook, perhaps owing in part to being one of the pioneers of the trend. It all started in 2009, after his owner set up a Facebook page and began sharing photos of the adorable Pomeranian dressed up in different doggy outfits. Before long, he was dubbed “the cutest dog in the world” – and with good reason! Image via Facebook

Marnie the Dog

Marnie the Shih Tzu is infamous for her dangling tongue and permanent lead (the result of a medical condition). Adopted as a senior, Marnie now lives a fabulous life, traipsing around New York City, meeting celebs and posting adorable selfies with hilariously witty captions for her 2 million Instagram followers. Image via Instagram


Much like Marni, Lil BUB is known for her distinctly derp-y facial expression. One of the internets most famous cats, Lil BUB went from being the runt of her litter to being the favorite feline of over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. A modern day Cinderella story. Image via Instagram

Billy the Time Cat

One of Hubba’s very own, Billy has quite the interesting story – after all, he is a time-travelling cat! While still in the dawn of his undoubtedly soon-to-be illustrious career as a feline influencer, with almost 9,000 likes on Facebook already, we can’t wait to see what’s in store! Image via Facebook

As a pet brand, four-legged friends such as these are obviously the heart of your business… but have you ever had a working relationship with a pet influencer? Given their propensity to become viral nearly overnight, now might be the time to consider it!

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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