Dog Spotlight: Avoid the Dog House and Get into Consumers’ Homes with these Innovative Brands


Dogs have long-since solidified their place in our hearts and homes. Pet owners today look at their dogs as important and valued members of the family – in some case, they are the babies of the house. With total U.S. pet industry expenditures clocking it at nearly $63 billion this year, and 65 percent of U.S. households (about 79.7 million families) owning a pet, it’s no wonder there are so many options available to cater to our canine friends. Craft brands have really answered the call for pet parents who look for unique, hand-made, all natural and environmentally-friendly treats, food, toys and medicinal remedies. Read on for a few great examples of brands that you can connect with right on Hubba!

Craft Dog Treats 

Quality in food is important to most consumers – this sentiment extends to their dogs as well. Craft dog treats are increasingly in-demand as pet parents strive to feed their beloved dogs the best of the best. Handcrafted, locally sourced, organic and made in the USA or Canada are all things careful pet owners look for in craft dog treat brands. Barley Bones dog treats are created using only the finest ingredients. They source barley from local breweries and combine it with organic rye and oat flours to create an excellent foundation, followed by organic chicken stock, drafted from locally sourced chickens. Customers looking for human-grade ingredients in their dog treats need look no further. Bobby + Bambi’s Gourmet Dog Bakery biscuits are organic, grain-free, made in small batches, and are hand made in Costa Mesa, California.

Natural Dog Foods

Natural dog treats and foods have gained in popularity as pet owners turn away from commercial brands, which use unnatural ingredients and fillers. The best thing about these natural brands is that they refuse to compromise their product through the use of potentially harmful ingredients like artificial flavors, corn, wheat, flour, and cellulose. Santi prides itself on its human-grade superfood dog treats made with premium proteins, such as their delicious and nutritious dehydrated treats made with yellowfin tuna. Santi holds it’s suppliers to very high standards, and their products are all made in the USA. Meanwhile, Einstein Pets’ chemical and preservative-free treats are packed with essential DHA Omega 3 and 6. Einstein Pets treats are made from scratch in small batches by hand.

Eco-Conscious Dog Brands

As the pet industry continues to grow at breakneck speed, the options for eco-conscious pet products grow along with it. With a good portion of merchandise made overseas, many of our Hubba brands are hoping to reduce their carbon footprint by sourcing locally and using environmentally friendly materials. Consumers looking for sustainably made toys, foods, and other household pet products will love these Hubba brands.

Stylish Pup

From dog clothes to dog furniture, brands are catering to the fashion conscious dog owners looking to keep their dogs both comfortable and stylish. As pets continue to carve their place in multiple industries, brands are answering the call for fashionable pet home and apparel products. Brands like Mister Hound offer customers an opportunity to reflect their personal style through their beloved dogs. Their Skipper Dog Leash comes in a range of chic colors, are hand-spliced to withstand strong pulls and are finished with solid brass hardware. Hilary Lamon creates unique collars to match any pet’s one-of-a-kind personality. This brand stands out for its handcrafted, eclectic style and durability, and their dog collars are not only machine washable, but made in the USA.

Smart Solutions to Old Problems

Pet owners are always on the look out for smart solutions to everyday pet problems. Over time, brands have come up with some pretty innovative ways to make pet ownership easier for both consumers and their dogs. One such example is running errands – brands like The GoFer and Dog Parker make it easier than ever for pet parents to go out and about without having to worry about how their furry friends are faring.

Healthy Happy Hounds

Of course, pet health is top of mind for pet parents. As such, brands have created products to help dogs live a longer and healthier life. Options vary from probiotics to help with digestive health, to all natural vitamins for keeping bones and joints strong with age, and even aromatherapy to help keep nervous canines calm.