We’ll Be at Global Pet Expo – Will You? Here’s Why It’s Worth Every Penny


Guess what? You’re invited to Global Pet Expo 2017!

Not sure if you want to go? We totally get it – It’s quite an investment (more on that later), and you’ve got a lot on your plate. We felt the same way. But ultimately, we decided to send Hubba’s industry expert @RetailPhil all the way down to Orlando. Read on to find out why, besides the fact that we’d love to finally meet you in person!


What is the Global Pet Expo?

In their words, Global Pet is “the show that means business”. In ours, it’s an opportunity to get your amazing product in front of the right retail buyers. As the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, the floor will be packed with thousands of the most innovative pet product companies from around the world.

“The Show features 13 football fields’ worth of pet products, more than 3,000 product-launches and 150 first-time exhibiting companies” their website goes on. You certainly won’t be the only one there, but you know what they say: You are the company you keep.



Where and when is it?

The show runs from March 22-24, 2017 and will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida – not that you need another reason to attend, but it’s going to be a perfect opportunity to break out your flip flops and slip away from the biting winter.


Who’s going to be there?

The Expo is run by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). PIDA’s mission “is to enhance the well-being of the wholesaler-distributor, to promote partnerships with their suppliers and customers, and to work cooperatively in fostering the human-companion animal bond” while the APPA works to promote responsible pet care. Together, these two organizations set the industry standard on the relationship between brands, retailers, and ultimately, consumers.

Participants will include nearly anyone touching the pet retail industry, save for shoppers. Independent retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers, and other miscellaneous people who have a title more sophisticated than my own ‘Enthusiastic Dog Petter’. (All that to say, the show isn’t open the general public).


Why is it worth your time and money?

The timing is right for buyers to make big moves. “Each year, we strive to bring added value to the Global Pet Expo experience. These efforts really pay off as we consistently see an increase in qualified buyers that make attending the show a priority. And, this is the first opportunity of the year for manufacturers to debut their new products, which makes exhibiting a key business strategy” said Andy Darmohraj, APPA Executive Vice President and COO of the show.

He’s right. With retailers bouncing back from their after-Christmas lull, they’re hot in pursuit of the trendiest new products of the year. Now’s the time to put yourself in front of buyers.

With insane media attendance, this is your chance to be in the spotlight. Last year, more than 200 members of the press attended the Global Pet Expo, including representatives from major outlets like the Today Show, ABC, Martha Stewart Living, The Wall Street Journal, and Fox & Friends.

There’s more than enough room for you in the market. The industry is in a rapid-growth period – Pet supplies retail sales reached $74 billion in 2014, and are expected to be $91 billion in 2019. Pet stores on popping up on seemingly every corner, and all those stores need a product like yours. With buyers storming the streets looking for products, you can bet many of them will be found at the nation’s largest pet trade show.


So, how do you get in on the action?

To participate in the event, you’ll need to know a few things.

First, you must be a member of the APPA to attend as a manufacturer. To exhibit as a distributor, you have to belong to the PIDA. If you aren’t a member of either but wish to become one, click on their names above to be directed to more information (and get ready to be bombarded with cute animal photos)!

Like every other professional trade show, it’s also going to cost you for floor space. At the Global Pet Expo, you’ll pay between $24-$26 per square foot, depending on how early you register. A standard booth at the show is 10x10 (so 100 square feet). If you math that, it’s going to cost somewhere around $2500 to participate.

Of course, there are other costs associated with participating in the trade show – signage, handouts, product displays and your employees time.

You’ve got 20 days until the show, and as the countdown goes on, one thing’s fur sure – people are excited! Up-and-coming pet brand Pura Naturals Pet is one such brand, and wrote to their thousands of Facebook followers “We had an amazing time last year debuting our line, and this year we are excited to introduce to you some new products!”



Follow this link to learn more about registration, and then check back here next week when @RetailPhil gives you all the tips on building your trade show strategy and gets into the nitty gritty of the show.