As some of you may know, we recently wrapped up an awesome industry week focused solely on the baby industry. We had a blast chatting with hundreds of the baby brands and retailers in our Hubba community. We heard from brands big and small and learned so much about baby products and felt lucky to hear all of the incredible stories everyone shared with us. We hand picked brands to feature and showcased their products to the world. Now, we want to do the same thing for all of the top pet brands and retailers on Hubba.


Pet Week is kicking off on Hubba from November 16th – 20th!


Hubba Pet Week


We decided that for our next industry feature we wanted to focus on the pet industry and highlight some of the standout brands and retailers who span all aspects of the pet industry from vegan dog food to custom collars for cats. We are on the hunt for the greatest pet brands and retailers in the business of selling pet products. Every day for the week starting November 16th we will be featuring Hubba pet brands and retailers, having industry pro’s weigh in with tips for how to thrive in the pet industry and much more!


On November 16th, we’re opening the doors and inviting even more pet retailers to join our network and browse all of our top picked pet products in Hubba and your top pet brand could be one of them. How awesome is that!


During the week of  November 16th, there will be a ton of eyeballs on Hubba looking at some of the coolest products in the pet industry and we want to hear from you and why your brand should be featured.


So, how do you get involved?


If you are a pet brandclick here to tell us about your brand and how fantastic your products are!


If you are a retailer and interested in pet productscreate your free Hubba account if you haven’t already and we’ll notify you know when we’ve launched Pet Week. You will have a chance to browse new pet products and have an insider view as to what’s trending in the industry.


If you are a pet lover or just interested in pet products – subscribe to our blog and we’ll keep you posted about pet week!



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Stay tuned for more announcements as to how you can get involved and submit your pet brand to be considered for Pet Week.


Don’t have a Hubba account yet and want to be considered for Hubba Pet Week?