The Secret Formula Beauty Brands Use to Hack Social Media


Brands are coming to the realization that an engaging online presence is a vital factor in effective product marketing, building brand awareness and driving sales. In fact, 96% of beauty brands have an Instagram profile they use as a key building block for acquisition and growth. One such brand is Glamour Dolls Cosmetics, a fast-growing indie makeup brand that was incorporated two years ago by celebrity makeup artist Jessica Romano and entrepreneur Peter Georgotas. We caught up with the Glamour Doll team to discuss the special formula beauty brands have been applying to their social media profiles in order to turn followers into loyal shoppers (hint: it’s easier than you think).

The number one rule of the Internet: find your niche. Just as Beyoncé has the ‘Beyhive’ and Taylor Swift’s fans are referred to as ‘Swifties’, making consumers feel like they are part of the team goes a very long way. Everyone wants to belong, so why not give them a clever name as a shining badge of honor? Beauty brands use this distinguishing tag as a tangible way to build a sense of exclusivity as well as create a perfect profile (while keeping track) of just who their consumer is. Case in point? As per Glamour Dolls, “Jessica talks about Glamour Dolls as ‘Everyday glam for the everyday girl.’ We take pride in meeting new dolls and expanding what our customers like to call the ‘Glam Fam.’”

In contrast to other industries where daily posts can be considered obnoxious, the beauty community can be truly insatiable. From swatches depicting new product, to makeup tutorials, to even just sharing customer content, the posting possibilities are endless. And with that comes a ton of feedback. Everyone’s a critic and social media creates an air of familiarity between brand and shopper like nothing else. Brands can typically expect a daily deluge of opinions on the product, special requests and more. Dealing with this can (and should) be a full-time job in order to keep shoppers satisfied.

Glamour Dolls is exceptionally active on several platforms for this exact reason, “[We use] Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter on a daily basis to communicate with our ‘Glam Fam’ and prospective customers. We actually have three people invested in running the different channels because that is how important it is. In 2016, everyone has a voice and we are here to listen, good or bad. These social media platforms allow us to bond with them and with people all over the world. We make it a point not only to post content, but to connect with our followers. Learning about them and what they like and enjoy not only makes us a better brand, but helps us create better products.”

For many start up brands, the marketing budget is small, if not non-existent. Social media has become the bread and butter of companies hoping to a) get their products out there and b) get better acquainted with new customers on a regular basis. Ongoing engagement goes a long way towards turning a new buyer into a repeat customer, without a doubt.

It’s been determined that online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking services are important tools for beauty brands hoping to reach the ever-growing mobile audiences by appealing to the sharing aspect of the medium. Knowing this, it would behoove any up-and-coming brand to make it as easy as possible for consumers to want to share their content. This doesn’t just necessarily mean posting fun, high-quality content either. With the popularity of haul videos, for example, packaging plays a major part in whether or not shoppers will bother to share your product online. Another great way to keep track of how much (or little) customers are engaging with your brand is by providing a simple enough hashtag that signals a post contains your product.

Glamour Dolls caught on to this pretty quickly, “We realized with Instagram it’s all about presentation. This is the same reason people take photos of the food they eat. So, when we send out orders to our customers they are customized, personalized, and complete with a big, pink, tulle bow. We like the orders to resemble a gift; every order comes with a card that has our social media handles, and our hashtag #glamourdollsmakeup. As a result of the time we devote to our unique product packaging, our consumers often upload photos of their products on Instagram to share their appreciation. Each customer is special to us and we’ve seen through social media, that they know this before they even try their lip gloss on!”

It goes without saying that your social media presence should properly reflect your brand. And in fact, in the case of beauty and fashion, we’ve seen brands establish themselves and their “voice” on Instagram before they even have an e-commerce site (as we mentioned before, it’s often a brand’s only method of customer acquisition in the beginning stages). It’s super important that your social media profiles perfectly encompass your brand, your voice and your mission. It will only make it easier for like-minded shoppers to find you.

The Glamour Dolls team says it best, “What you see online reflects our day-to-day here as well as who we are. We think our customers, our dolls, are similar people. We appreciate beautiful things, we are lighthearted, we love a good makeup meme, we all have the same struggles of getting our eyeliner even.”

There are many actions that businesses can take that may seem small but can lead to tremendous and positive affects. For Glamour Dolls, these include getting to know their customers on a personal level and customizing their products towards their audience, listening to critiques and implementing the appropriate changes, and making all current and potential customers know they are an important aspect of their journey. This would all be difficult to do without the help of social media. As per the Glamour Dolls team, “Even though you may be too tired to tweet, use those 140 characters, because every interaction you make is an important step to growing your brand.”