Skincare Spotlight: Simplify Customers’ Skincare Routine with these Hubba Favourites


Skincare is an important part of many people’s daily beauty regiment, so naturally skincare trends would continue strong into 2017. The industry is flooded with so many products to choose from, it can be daunting for customers to decipher which is best for them. In 2016, the global skin care market was estimated to be worth about $121 billion dollars.

The industry has also witnessed a shift to a younger consumer base. This growing demographic of younger customers highlights a move towards natural, organic skincare, along with innovative and creative options not being done by big-box brands.


Natural is Beautiful

Skin is the largest human organ, and whatever is placed on it is absorbed into your body. Customers living a healthy lifestyle make their purchasing choices based heavily on integrity of ingredients. Interest in natural formulations stands out in a saturated market, and Oneo Beauty is right on target by offering beauty benefits derived from wine grapes in their all natural lip glosses and cream blushes. Ditto US Organic, who bring certified organic skin care to the market. With these two, customers can feel confident that the products are created in harmony with nature as well as superbly safe.

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ACE (Acne, Chemo, Eczema) Treatments

The need for skincare options is growing for those who struggle with acne, eczema or sensitive skin. This niche is often overlooked by the bigger guys, so the demand is being met by innovative craft brands that understand the best ways to formulate solutions. Lindi Skin is just that brand – they are the first skincare company specifically designed to heal skin damaged by chemotherapy. Their products are clinically tested, dermatologist and allergy tested, and paraben free.

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Stem Cell Beauty

Stem cell skin care is a buzzword in the beauty industry right now. Stem cell beauty products include plant-derived stem cell extracts. This return to natural ingredients and harnessing the power of plants is very attractive to consumers looking to phase out artificially-based skincare. Shunly’s active ingredients include seaweed extract and fruit stem cells. Their scientifically advanced skin care products are designed to target specific skin care needs.

VL PURE specializes in providing high quality, safe, and natural skin care products. Their formula uses the incredible longevity inherent in the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple to transfer preservation onto the skin.

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Eye Candy

The eyes say it all. Whether your customers have deep blues, warm browns or anywhere in between, we’ve got something to make your eyes pop! Bjiou Lashes are trusted by Katy Perry and Beyoncé. These hand-made lashes are offered in four distinct hair types and have more than 85 variations to cater to every eye shape and color.

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